How to write a community health needs assessment report

This article discusses How to write a community health needs assessment report.

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How to write a community health needs assessment report

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Community Health Needs Assessment helps in describing the health condition of local population,  major risk factors, causes of illness and  in identifying the actions needed to address the issues in that particular community.  As the first step in the nursing process, assessing a community helps in identifying its strengths, needs, beliefs or traditions,practices, appropriate resources and various environmental conditions affecting the health  and wellbeing of the members.

Community health assessment report enables registered nurses identify key strategies of empowerment,advocacy and mediation to solve the identified health issue in the community. Community health needs assessment report also helps public health nurses plan on approaches of improving the health of the identified population and reduce the health disparities. 

To write a community health assessment report, you will be required to collect and interpret information and data from various sources and then identify a diagnosis in the community for a chosen health concern. First you will identify a community of interest in particular geographical location. This could be in your resident county or you may choose a population of interest in a bordering county.

Sources to assist you do community health assessment report

Before you start writing your community health needsassessment report, seek guidance from your instructor or faculty on how toretrieve, analyze and report the population health data. To assist you do writea community health need assessment report, use various sources for the assessmentsuch as windshield survey, online databases and websites.

Some of the sources that you can use include Community CommonsFlorida Community Health Assessment Resource Tool Set, County Health Rankings and Roadmaps, Centers for Disease Control Health Data Interactive and US Department of Health and Human Services: Healthy People 2020.

Outline of Community Health Assessment

1:  Geographical Description

In this part you are required to describe the geographic location  of the selected region or county, the size,major economic activity, available health care facilities, recreational spaces and other  distinctive characteristics. Additionally,describing whether the region is urban, suburban or rural is critical.

2: Population Demographics

In this part, you are supposed to describe the targeted population focusing on age, gender, race and ethnicity. You should also compare the identified population characteristics with those of the state and the national level.  

3: Physical and Social Determinants of Health

In this section, you are supposed to describe the physical, social and economic indicators of the targeted community   and then outline the evident trends. Some of the social determinants that you should include in this section include social and economic factors; education; social and community characteristics; medical care and accessibility to health services and physical environment.

Under social and economic factors, you can note and compare data on median household income, the proportion of the population living in poverty, the percentage of vulnerable children eligible for free meals and individuals receiving SNAP. Other socio-economic factors that you should examine include unemployment rate and accessibility to adequate and healthy food. Education is another critical social determinant of health and in the report,you should examine graduation rates   and academic attainment of the population.

Some community and social conditions have profound effects on health and wellbeing of a given population. The conditions include emotional and social support. Make sure you examine the extent at which the population supports its vulnerable groups, including children, elderly and other special groups of people. Availability and access to health care services have considerable effects on health of a community.  Make sure you examine the proportion of the population without health insurance cover, accessibility to primary care, and other critical health care services,including mental and dental  facilities.

Physical environment also plays a significant role in influencing the health of a community. Make sure you examine various indicators of the physical environment in the community such as crime rate,violence, pollution, housing, public transportation, recreational facilities and public parks or spaces. 

After examining the physical and social determinants of health in the identified population, examine the distribution of the identified economic trends in the region. In this case, find out if there are regions with higher proportion of vulnerable population compared to others.  This would assist in planning and prioritizing the available health care resources.

4: Health Behaviors

Various social behaviors and attitudes affect the health of any particular population. They include tobacco smoking, consumption of vegetables and fruits, alcohol intake, level of physical activity and health seeking behaviors, such as undergoing medical screening. In this section, you are required to describe the entire population in regards to each of the aforementioned health behaviors and indicators.

In the write up of your community health needs assessment report, make sure you include the notable trend over time, compare the results at state and national level and indicate notable disparities among various groups in the population.

5:  Health Outcomes

In this section, you explore data of various health outcomes in the population.  They include the leading causes of death, maternal and child health indicators, prevalence of chronic diseases such as diabetes, mental health and substance abuse indicators and health status of the population in general.  In your research of the identified health outcomes, explore the trends of time, comparison of the data between the state and the country and note of the existing disparities among diverse population groups.  

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How to write a community health needs assessment report
How to write a community health needs assessment report

6: Analysis of Health Outcomes and Behaviors

Basing on the data you have analyzed from the previous section, you should identify strengths of the targeted county and list the evident health concerns or disparities. You should then select one primary health concern of the identified population and elaborate the effect or impact of the health concern on the population. The identified health concern becomes your community diagnosis.   Support your analysis with data describing the impacts of the identified health disparity on the population. In writing this section of your community needs assessment report, describe the probable factors contributing to the identified disparity.

7: Write a Community Diagnosis Statement

Create a community diagnosis statement, identifying the health issue and factors causing the issue. Ensure you include the evidence demonstrating the magnitude of the issue identified.

8: Align the Report with Healthy People 2020 Objectives

In this section you should list several Healthy People 2020 goals relating to the identified community diagnosis.  Ensure you also include the factors contributing to the health issue.

9:   Writing Style and Format

Ensure that your report is formatted and referencedusing appropriate referencing style. At The Nursing Ace, we can assist you in writing community health needs assessment in APA, Harvard and other  styles of your choice.

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