45+ Research Topics on School Nursing: Nurturing Health and Learning in Educational Settings

In healthcare, one often thinks of hospitals and clinics as the primary domains of nursing practice. However, an equally vital and often overlooked field is school nursing. School nurses play a crucial role in promoting the health and well-being of students, ensuring a conducive learning environment, and bridging the gap between medical care and education. This article delves into the research topics on school nursing, its significance and provides nursing students with several ideas for PICOT questions, evidence-based practice (EBP) projects, nursing capstone projects, research paper topics, research questions, and essay topic ideas.

Understanding School Nursing

School nursing involves providing comprehensive health care to students within the educational setting. It encompasses preventive care, health education, early intervention, and coordination with parents, teachers, and healthcare providers. School nurses are uniquely positioned to address various health concerns affecting students, from minor injuries to chronic conditions, mental health issues, and health promotion initiatives. Their role extends beyond medical care; they contribute significantly to creating a healthy, safe environment that fosters learning and development.

PICOT Questions on School Nursing

  1. P: Elementary school students; I: Implementation of regular health screenings; C: Irregular or no health screenings; O: Early detection of health issues; T: 1 year.

How does the implementation of regular health screenings for elementary school students compared to irregular or no screenings affect the early detection of health issues within a year?

  1. P: Middle and high school students; I: Integration of mental health awareness programs in the curriculum; C: Standard curriculum without mental health emphasis; O: Improved mental health awareness; T: 2 years.

What is the impact of integrating mental health awareness programs into the curriculum for middle and high school students compared to a standard curriculum without such emphasis on improving mental health awareness over a span of 2 years?

  1. P: Diverse student population; I: Introduction of daily physical activity breaks; C: No scheduled physical activity breaks; O: Enhanced physical health and academic performance; T: 6 months.

How does the introduction of daily physical activity breaks for a diverse student population compared to no scheduled breaks impact physical health and academic performance over a 6-month period?

  1. P: Students with chronic illnesses; I: Implementation of individualized health management plans; C: Generic health guidelines; O: Better management of chronic conditions; T: 1 school year.

What is the effect of implementing individualized health management plans for students with chronic illnesses in comparison to generic health guidelines on enhancing the management of chronic conditions within a school year?

  1. P: High school students; I: Provision of comprehensive sexual education; C: Limited sexual education curriculum; O: Improved sexual health knowledge and behavior; T: 3 years.

How does providing comprehensive sexual education to high school students compared to a limited curriculum influence their sexual health knowledge and behavior over a period of 3 years?

  1. P: Students with allergies; I: Adoption of allergen-safe school policies; C: Lack of specific allergen-safe policies; O: Reduction in allergic reactions; T: 2 school years.

What is the impact of adopting allergen-safe school policies for students with allergies in contrast to the absence of such policies on the reduction of allergic reactions over 2 school years?

  1. P: Elementary school staff; I: Implementation of first aid training programs; C: No first aid training provided; O: Increased first aid readiness; T: 6 months.

How does implementing first aid training programs for elementary school staff compared to no training influence their readiness to provide first aid within a 6-month?

  1. P: Students with asthma; I: Deployment of inhaler stations across the school; C: Students carrying personal inhalers; O: Quicker access to asthma medication; T: 1 school year.

What is the effect of deploying inhaler stations across the school for students with asthma compared to students carrying personal inhalers on facilitating quicker access to asthma medication within a school year?

  1. P: High school students; I: Implementation of stress reduction workshops; C: No stress reduction interventions; O: Decreased stress levels and improved coping skills; T: 3 months.

How does the implementation of stress reduction workshops for high school students, compared to no stress reduction interventions, impact their stress levels and coping skills over a 3-month period?

  1. P: Teachers and staff; I: Introduction of infection control training; C: Absence of infection control training; O: Enhanced prevention of contagious diseases; T: 1 academic year.

What is the impact of introducing infection control training for teachers and staff compared to the absence of such training on enhancing the prevention of contagious diseases over 1 academic year?

EBP Project Ideas on School Nursing

  1. Implementing a school-wide hand hygiene campaign.
  2. Assessing the effectiveness of a physical activity initiative on obesity rates among students.
  3. Evaluating the impact of a nutrition education program on dietary habits.
  4. Developing guidelines for managing common childhood illnesses in the school setting.
  5. Creating a protocol for responding to mental health crises in schools.

Capstone Project Ideas on School Nursing

  1. Designing a comprehensive health assessment tool for school nurses.
  2. Developing a mental health curriculum for teachers to identify early signs of distress.
  3. Creating a guidebook for parents to manage students with chronic illnesses during school hours.
  4. Investigating the relationship between school environment and student well-being.
  5. Establishing a telehealth system for virtual consultations with school nurses.

Research Paper Topics on School Nursing

  1. Role of school nurses in addressing the opioid crisis among adolescents.
  2. Impact of sleep quality on academic performance: School nurse interventions.
  3. Barriers and facilitators to effective communication between school nurses, parents, and healthcare providers.
  4. School-based vaccination programs: Lessons from successful implementation.
  5. Addressing the mental health stigma through school-based interventions.

Research Questions on School Nursing

  1. How do school nurses contribute to reducing absenteeism rates among students?
  2. What strategies can school nurses employ to promote inclusive health education for diverse student populations?
  3. How does the presence of a full-time school nurse impact the overall health and well-being of students?
  4. What are the perceptions of teachers, parents, and students regarding the role of school nurses in addressing mental health issues?
  5. How does early intervention by school nurses affect the management of chronic conditions among students?

School Nursing Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

  1. The Evolving Role of School Nurses: From Band-Aids to Health Advocates.
  2. Navigating the Challenges of Mental Health Support in Educational Settings.
  3. Holistic Health Promotion: The School Nurse’s Approach to Wellness.
  4. Equity in Healthcare Access: School Nurses as Equalizers.
  5. Empowering Students for a Healthier Future: The Role of School Nurses.


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