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In this Performance Task Assessment, you are asked to analyze challenges and recommend strategies related to the recruitment, selection, appraisal, and dismissal of healthcare employees and to create a recruitment, selection, and appraisal plan. In addition, you are asked to evaluate the use of social media in hiring decisions.

Professional Skills: Written Communication and Critical Thinking and Problem Solving are assessed in this Competency.

This Assessment requires submission of one (1) document that includes all three parts of the Assessment. Save the document as HR002 _firstinitial_lastname (for example, HR002 _J_Smith). When you are ready to upload your completed Assessment, use the Assessment tab on the top navigation menu.


Access the following files to complete this Assessment:

  • Case Study: Coutu, D. (2007, June 1). We Googled You. Harvard Business Review, 37-47.
  • Sample Recruitment Strategy Planning Template
  • Use the APA course paper template available here.
  • Download the Writing Checklist to review prior to submitting your Assessment.
  • Be sure to use scholarly academic resources as specified in the rubric. This means using Walden Library databases to obtain peer reviewed articles. Additionally, .gov (government expert sources) are a quality resource option. Note: Internet and .com sources do not meet this requirement. Contact your coach or SME for guidance on using Library Databases.
  • Carefully review the rubric for the Assessment as part of your preparation to complete your Assessment work.


This assessment has three-parts.  Click each of the items below to complete this assessment.

Part I: Challenges of and Strategies for Recruitment and Selection

You are a human resources manager working in a large urban hospital. As a result of ongoing changes in the hiring process at your facility, your director has charged you with preparing a plan for supervisors to use when they recruit, select, appraise, and dismiss healthcare employees. Before you can prepare the plan, you must first analyze the challenges involved in the recruitment and selection of healthcare employees. You must also propose strategies to address those challenges.

Write an analysis of recruitment and selection processes as follows (3–7 pages):

  • Describe four challenges (i.e., legal, ethical, moral, and operational) related to recruitment and four challenges associated with selection. Include a balance of information on both internal and external challenges, and explain how these challenges impact recruitment and selection.
  • Explain the impact of failing to address these challenges on human resources function and hospital performance management.
  • Recommend strategic approaches to address the challenges associated with internal and external factors that affect recruitment and selection. Specifically, describe a strategic approach for each factor you identified, and explain how this strategy will help mitigate the potential challenges inflicted by the particular internal or external challenges. Include best practices from other industries (i.e., information technology, hospitality) in your recommendation. Explain how information from other industries can inform recruitment and selection in the healthcare industry.
  • Identify at least two recruitment sources that the human resources department should use and evaluate their efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Identify at least two candidate selection processes that the human resources department should use, and explain which is most efficient and effective.

Part II: Recruitment, Selection, Performance Appraisal, and Dismissal Plan

Now that you have completed your analysis of recruitment and selection practices, you must write an executive summary outlining a plan for the recruitment, selection, appraisal, and dismissal of healthcare employees that incorporates the strategies you explored in Part I of this Assessment.

The executive summary will outline a plan for the recruitment, selection, appraisal, and dismissal of healthcare employees. The plan may include graphic representations, bullet points, etc. It does not need to emulate an APA-style research paper. Refer to the sample template for guidance; however, you can create your own template or plan document. Include the following:

  • A recruitment and selection plan as follows: (1–2 pages) Define at least two key objectives in developing an effective recruitment process.
  • A performance appraisal, disciplinary, and dismissal plan as follows (4–5 pages)

Part III: Social Media Case Study

Review the “We Googled You” case study. Write an explanation of whether you should or should not hire the individual (2–4 pages).

Your explanation should answer the following questions:

  • What are at least two advantages and two disadvantages of using social media in personnel selection for your hospital?
  • What strategic approaches would you take to enhance the use of social media in the personnel selection process?
  • What is your rationale for your hiring decision?


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