Social Determinants of Health Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example

Social Determinants of Health Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example

The family health assessment identifies the family as a unit of care. In this case, the assessment evaluates a family’s ability to promote and maintain positive health behaviors for the family’s well-being. The Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) influence a family’s health-seeking behaviors, health and lifestyle choices, and attitudes toward self-care and well-being (Sharma et al., 2020). Economic stability is one of the significant health outcomes of a family and that of an individual. For instance, economic stability determines where a family lives, physical activity/self-care levels, and nutritional status. Secondly, access and the level of education also play an instrumental role in employability and the comprehension of health care concerns. Familial social and community relationships significantly contribute to how a family identifies through socialization and interaction. Creating positive familial, community, and social relationships contributes to general wellness and health (O’Connor et al., 2020). The access and availability of health care professionals and health care are crucial determinants of health that influence a family’s health-seeking behavior. Besides, the environment based on housing conditions, spacing, peace, and stability also influences health care outcomes. For instance, poor housing conditions such as lack of proper drainage, crime, and violence increase the potential risks of developing stress that affects the general health outcomes in a family. The paper analyzes and describes the social determinants of health that contribute to the Agu family’s health status and uses the social-ecological model to outline steps for family-centred health promotion.(Social Determinants of Health Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

 Social Determinants of Health Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example

SDOH of Family Healthcare Outcomes

In the family health assessment, the Agu family lives together in a four-bedroom house in a low-income suburb in Chandler, Arizona. The father works as a construction worker, while the mother is a caregiver in a nursing home. The family members are Roman Catholics. The Agu family struggles with economic stability leading to poor health-seeking behaviors such as a lack of balance between work and rest and poor nutrition. Therefore, Mr and Mrs Agu had to work long shifts to increase their remuneration and cater to familial needs. The family has to cater to the healthcare needs of the hypertensive and diabetic grandfather and provide food and school fees for the children. Lack of adequate time with the family hinders positive relationships between Mr and Mrs Agu and the family overall. Mr and Mrs Agu depend on sex to cement their marriage union. Living in a low-income area renders the family to lack adequate healthcare access, poor housing conditions, and lack of proper nutrition to maintain the families. Thus, the family has poor health-seeking behaviors, seeking medical care only when unwell, except for the grandfather, requiring frequent sugar and hypertension monitoring. Despite Mrs Agu’s knowledge of the importance of physical activity and healthy eating, she lacks enough time and resources to improve her lifestyle, thus contributing to her overweight problems. However, Mr Agu goes for morning runs while the children engage in physical activity that improves their health.(Social Determinants of Health Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

Age-Appropriate Screening for the Family

Open-ended questionnaires will be used to assess the family’s social needs that impact health. The questionnaire should feature crucial social aspects such as food, housing, transportation, and personal and safety utilities. Notably, the children will be assessed based on their education and personal safety status in the family. For instance, the children will be evaluated on how their family state contributes to their education status. On personal safety, the children will be evaluated on whether they feel they are given adequate time and support or feel secure and loved by their parents. The parents will be evaluated on their occupation, food, and housing. The grandfather will be evaluated on his relationship with the grandchildren, the parents, and the community members.(Social Determinants of Health Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

 The Healthcare Model

The social-ecological model will be crucial towards a plan of action for the Agu’s. The health model features multiple factors that influence health. The model focuses on the connection between the individual, relationship, and community health issues (Wold & Mittelmark, 2018). In this case, individual behavior is highly influenced by external factors such as friends, extended family, the workplace, society, and the community. For instance, an emergency with the grandfather’s hypertensive and diabetic problem will cause stress and mental disturbance among all the family members. Thus, the action plan should entail regular blood sugar and pressure checks to prevent medical emergencies. Again, an action plan should include counseling on balancing work and family and cementing their relationship and marriage union. Mr Agu should be on a healthy fitness program combined with a proper diet to manage her overweight issues.(Social Determinants of Health Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

Steps for a Family-Centered Health Promotion

Family-centred health promotion strategies include;

  1. Frequent medical check-ups for the family members to promote and maintain a healthy status.
  2. Proper nutrition for the family to improve their immunity and prevent developing nutritional disorders.(Social Determinants of Health Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)
  • Improved levels of physical activity for to improve their fitness.
  1. Reduction of stress induced by the family’s economic status through increased interaction and positive relationships between individual family members and the community.(Social Determinants of Health Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

 Social Determinants of Health Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example


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 Social Determinants of Health Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example

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