Practicum Journal Entry Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example

Practicum Journal Entry Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example

At the beginning of the practicum, I had three goals, which were to be able to; (1) independently select and implement screening instruments and appropriately interpret their results, and (2) select appropriate evidence-based clinical practice guidelines for medications with little or no assistance, and (3) identify ethical and legal dilemmas in the PMHNP practice. The first goal was crucial since it was set in my previous practicum, and I did not achieve it. However, I can confidently say that I can independently select, implement, and interpret results from screening instruments. I accomplished my objective to achieve this goal, which involved reviewing different screening tools, consulting with the preceptor, and searching through the internet and the Walden Library.(Practicum Journal Entry Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

Practicum Journal Entry Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example

Furthermore, I can confidently select appropriate evidence-based clinical practice guidelines with little or no guidance. To achieve the goal, I followed EB medication guidelines, considered age recommendations and patient preferences, consulted my preceptor before making prescriptions, and referred to prescription guide texts. Lastly, I can confidently identify ethical and legal dilemmas in PMHNP practice. To achieve the goal, I accomplished the objectives that involved familiarizing myself with the state’s scope of practice for the PMHNP and consulting my preceptor when necessary.(Practicum Journal Entry Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

During the practicum, a difficult patient I encountered was a 13-year-old non-verbal autistic male with a history of autism spectrum disorder and ADHD, combined type. Every possible medication suggested was unsafe based on the presented genomind report, taking more than 2 hours before deciding. The second case involved an 8-year-old African American female with learning disabilities. When I was introduced as an intern, the mother was upset and did not want me to see her child since she wanted to see a doctor and not a nurse. Lastly, I encountered a 22-year-old female substance abuse treatment center resident with a history of marijuana use, alcohol abuse, Anxiety, ADHD, Depression, and Drug-Induced Psychosis. I got judgmental as I imagined her lifestyle and a parent’s worst nightmare and blamed it on her.(Practicum Journal Entry Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

From the experiences, I learned that patients present different mental health conditions with various severity and comorbidities. In such cases, comprehensive clinical assessment is necessary, particularly in children who cannot report their symptoms appropriately (Srinath, Jacob, Sharma, & Gautam, 2019). Measurements and monitoring of patient symptoms form EB policy for quality improvement in psychiatric health (Samartzis & Talias, 2020). Moreover, I learned that APNs should pursue continuous learning to promote patient-relationship through trust in nursing capabilities. Nursing scholarship increases knowledge of APNs’ specialty and improves understanding of the specialty and pedagogy (Hartjes, 2018). Lastly, I learned not to judge patients’ conditions irrespective of their role.   Ideally, nurses should not be judgmental when delivering care, which is crucial in promoting well-being and improving patients’ physical, psychological, and emotional health (Weston, 2015). Resources available during the practicum were my mentors (preceptor), integrated communication that allowed interaction with my fellow interns and experiences, and access to evidence-based resources such as ANA, American Holistic Nurses Association, and National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI).(Practicum Journal Entry Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

Through collaboration, we recommended Strattera for a 13-year-old non-verbal autistic male. Strattera has been shown to ameliorate stereotyped and restricted communication behaviors (Harfterkamp et al., 2014). Given another chance, I would not be judgmental when attending to a patient. I would also promote a working relationship with the patient and their families to limit the negative patient perception of my capabilities. With the skillset that I have developed, I would advocate for mental health in the community. More people in the USA than ever experience mental health-related stigma and discrimination that lead to adverse mental, physical, social, and emotional health outcomes. I can apply my skillset by promoting mental health awareness campaigns and attending mental health awareness charities.(Practicum Journal Entry Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

Communicating and Feedback

Motivation and determination have been vital in improving my skills and knowledge. To improve my skills, I need to pursue my education to the end and other relevant training crucial to my competency. Moreover, I should welcome and provide constructive feedback from my preceptors and colleagues. Moreover, assisting in integrating nursing knowledge into practice and consolidating available knowledge will indicate my commitment to my scholarship. Lastly, I should maintain a collaborative, respectful, and inclusive nursing environment and be a role model, demonstrating best practices and professional behavior. Together, these efforts will indicate my commitment to improving my skills and knowledge in my specialty to my preceptor.(Practicum Journal Entry Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

I am doing pretty well as a student nurse, considering I achieved all my practicum goals and set objectives. However, I need to further my skill set and understanding of various psychiatric assessment tools and enhance my competency in various clinical situations. Ideally, competency takes time, experience, and consistent learning, from patients and experienced nurses. Therefore, I am looking forward to establishing a working relationship with my preceptor and other mentors and using effective communication to promote two-way communication and receive feedback from mentors and colleagues. My interaction with my preceptor was formal and informal throughout the practicum. For instance, my preceptor consistently reminded me to improve my communication and prioritization skills in instances when there were clinical challenges. On the other hand, we communicated with the preceptor via email and in the nursing boardroom. Both the formal and informal interactions were crucial in enhancing my skills and knowledge in nursing practice.(Practicum Journal Entry Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

Practicum Journal Entry Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example


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