Nursing Project Assessment Comprehensive Essay Example

Nursing Project Assessment Comprehensive Essay Example

Goals and AONE competencies

The project sought to improve the organization’s line of communication by facilitating interprofessional communication and collaboration. The project goals are improving patient care by enhancing service coordination, strengthening interprofessional relations, and integrating health care for different care needs of the residents. We will also be encouraging residents to be active partners in improving care and creating a platform of equality in service delivery to ensure access to care for residents from different cultural, social, religious, and ethnic backgrounds. The project aims at the availability of sufficient and timely information, clear communication, feedback, and a culture of politeness, respect, and humility to strengthen interprofessional relationships(Nursing Project Assessment Comprehensive Essay Example)    . I aspired to encourage staff to consider more leadership involvement and workplace coordination to help improve patient experience and outcomes. I also recommended the organization consider education, training, and retraining of healthcare and non-healthcare professionals on interprofessional communication. The preceptor was a vital element in the project, encouraging the engagement of co-workers to build knowledge, skills, and attitudes that enhance workplace collaboration.(Nursing Project Assessment Comprehensive Essay Example)

Nursing Project Assessment Comprehensive Essay Example

At the end of the practicum project, I aimed to achieve vital AONE competencies of communication and relationship management, leadership, professionalism, and knowledge of the healthcare environment. Achievement of communication and relationship-building competencies would allow me to communicate effectively, manage relationships, influence behaviors, work in a diverse environment, share decision-making, and foster community involvement (Waxman et al., 2017). Knowledge of the healthcare environment equips me with clinical practice knowledge, healthcare economics knowledge, understanding governance, evidence-based practice knowledge, outcome measurement, patient care delivery models, and work design knowledge. I would also have the knowledge to commit to patient safety, manage risks, case management, and quality improvement. Leadership competencies I aimed to achieve include change management, foundation thinking, and personal journey discipline. Professionalism includes ethics, advocacy, active membership, career planning, personal and professional accountability, and evidence-based clinical and management practice. I have developed most of these competencies, especially leadership and communication, and relationship management competencies.(Nursing Project Assessment Comprehensive Essay Example)

Project discovery

The experience of working with different professionals to assess residents’ health and living conditions gave me insights into how workplace relationships can help improve patient outcomes. Interprofessional relationships exist in the facility, but they are inefficient due to a lack of clear communication channels to share information and provide feedback. Communication inadequacy affects resident’s health outcomes. The coordination between healthcare professionals and the non-healthcare staff was also insufficient and, in most cases, did not involve residents’ needs. Therefore, I thought of strengthening interprofessional relationships by improving the organization’s communication line.(Nursing Project Assessment Comprehensive Essay Example)

The project aligns with the organization’s goals of improving residents’ experience, ensuring accessibility of quality of care for all residents, and building a reputation in the community. Fostering an environment of interprofessional collaboration and coordination within the facility helps develop the highest quality of care and better patient outcomes. The organization also aims to improve care delivery by fostering leadership within the workforce. This initiative would make everyone part of decision-making and the organization’s growth. Including everyone in decision-making and quality improvement would require the highest level of staff engagement. The project would help the organization achieve this goal by improving and developing communication channels that ensure effective information sharing and feedback. Everyone would have a platform to share ideas and receive opinions from other co-workers. The project initiatives enable the facility to cultivate a culture of respect and trust, mutual understanding, excellent communication practices, understanding professional roles, and unequal power and autonomy to help it achieve its goals efficiently. (Nursing Project Assessment Comprehensive Essay Example)

Real and potential barriers associated with the project

Improving the organization’s communication line to foster interprofessional relationships requires all stakeholder partnerships and cooperation. Individuals in different professional fields need to become care partners, and it requires utmost accountability and responsible behavior. Bringing people together and convince them to participate in the project has been a challenge. Some people in the organizations are disinterested, dismissive, and do not see any problem in the workplace(Nursing Project Assessment Comprehensive Essay Example)    . Others refuse to change because they do not want to commit and dedicate their time to other tasks apart from their normal work duties. The people who do not want to commit have impeded the project’s successful implementation. Most people have shown interest in the project and its purpose because they want to be part of something useful that would help create a better working environment and improve health outcomes. However, it has taken great persuasion and convincing from the preceptor and me to get them to take part in the project development.(Nursing Project Assessment Comprehensive Essay Example)

Nursing Project Assessment Comprehensive Essay Example

Financial constraints are also a critical issue, especially since the facility is the primary sponsor of the project operating on a tight budget. The facility has already invested a huge chunk into other initiatives to improve care delivery and patient safety, particularly reducing residents’ fall rate. Therefore, getting the financiers to invest in the project is a tussle as it requires convenient budgeting and the invitation of financial partners. Some administrative members downplay the size of the project and its impact on the organization. They think the project has no financial needs since it would involve the facility’s employees. According to Santos et al. (2020), every project works on a budget, and financial insufficiency leads to the failure of many projects.(Nursing Project Assessment Comprehensive Essay Example)

Project outcome measurement

Project outcome measurement will include a quality review, determination of stakeholder satisfaction, performance evaluation of the health care case, and schedule and cost review. Performance assessment will determine if the final report results and recommendations align with the actual project objectives. The recommendations and project initiatives should be as realistic as possible. Performance evaluation is performed weekly to ensure non-deviance from the project goals, ensuring the project development is on the right track. A quality review evaluates the project management practices and deliverables (Stanleigh, 2016)(Nursing Project Assessment Comprehensive Essay Example)    . The quality review ensures that all project activities meet the standards set up in the quality plans. The quality review is weekly to ensure all stakeholder deliverables are included in the project development and that they are viable. The project team will also determine stakeholder satisfaction by conducting surveys and developing focus groups. Feedback on the project’s progress is available every week for the stakeholders to access and assess whether the team is doing things differently.(Nursing Project Assessment Comprehensive Essay Example)

The project has a timeline and operates on a budget, and therefore it is vital to conduct a schedule and cost review. The activities are reviewed and timelines adjusted based on emerging needs. New deadlines are updated weekly and communicated to the project team. At the end of the project, we will review the final schedule to determine whether the tasks met their deadlines and, if not, what challenges existed.  A cost review assesses the financial performance of the project. The project benefits to the organization should reflect the amount invested in the development. Project expenses are evaluated regularly to minimize inconsistent and unaccountable spending and ensure things do not go out of control. The cost review will report the variances from the initial budget.(Nursing Project Assessment Comprehensive Essay Example)

Evaluation of project success

The project has been a success so far but not without several implementation challenges. The primary implementation challenge is the time constraint. Many such projects can take more than a year, but only a few months were available to plan, develop, and implement this project. It is challenging to develop and implement a project that affects the entire workforce at the nursing home within a few months. Teamwork and coordination have been a utility in the successful development and implementation of most project’s deliverables. The project team has managed to build connections, create a receptive atmosphere, create channels for email and one-on-one interactions, offer some training on emotional intelligence, cultural diversity, and effective communication skills, and adopt technology to facilitate mobile communication in the facility. Staff can always be in touch despite the distance between them. The next step is to create a training platform where individuals can continually learn how to communicate effectively, develop healthy relationships, and interact confidently and efficiently with individuals from other professional fields. Staff communication skills training and evaluation would take some time as it requires more resources and planning.(Nursing Project Assessment Comprehensive Essay Example)

Nursing Project Assessment Comprehensive Essay Example


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