Interview Q and A Assignment Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example

Interview Q and A Assignment Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example

What interpersonal skills do you think are necessary to have when working with your clients?

The behaviors and methods that an individual uses to communicate with others effectively are known as interpersonal skills. Communication is one of the most critical interpersonal skills in every career. It is a fundamental part of any personal and professional connection (Gursansky et al., 2020). When working with clients, active listening is an essential interpersonal skill. Listening to people to obtain information and interact with the speaker is known as active listening. Dependability is the next essential interpersonal skill (Gursansky et al., 2020). Dependable people can be counted on in any situation; this might range from being on time to following through on promises.(Interview Q and A Assignment Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

Interview Q and A Assignment Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example

Empathy is very significant when working with clients. The ability to recognize the emotional states of others is referred to as emotional intelligence. Leadership is a crucial interpersonal skill that entails making sound decisions (Gursansky et al., 2020). When making judgments, influential leaders use a variety of interpersonal abilities, such as empathy and patience. Lastly, positivity is contagious and promotes a pleasant working environment (Gursansky et al., 2020). When a person maintains a good attitude, tasks become easier even in the face of adversity, and they are more inclined to inspire others and improve morale.(Interview Q and A Assignment Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

How does the prison environment influence the way you manage a case?

Case management approaches, a service delivery methodology established by mental health and social care workers, are being adopted by authorities across the country to meet the requirements of a wide range of criminal justice populations. The setting hugely determines case management services because a correctional setting is different from a community setting (Latessa & Lovins, 2019). The main aim or goal of working as a case manager in a prison context is the practical and successful transition of offenders from the prison to the community. Working in a correctional context can severely limit the resources available to case managers to accomplish the goal. Operating in a correctional facility impacts how a case is handled since the case manager must work within the facility’s resources and programming (Latessa & Lovins, 2019). Case management in criminal justice necessitates the case manager taking on extra responsibilities beyond the usual “service broker” approach.(Interview Q and A Assignment Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

What are case management assessment and case management goal setting? Is there a relationship between the two?

Case management assessment entails gathering information about a client’s condition in greater depth than collected during screening. Determining the client’s significant issues to be handled and specific requirements and interests is one of the assessments’ goals (Latour, 2018). It also means identifying the expected outcomes and treatment goals. Finally, it helps a case manager create a thorough case management plan that covers these issues and needs while meeting the care objectives.(Interview Q and A Assignment Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

The case management process typically starts with goal setting. The manager and client set precise long-term objectives and then categorize them into the progressive behaviors required to attain each objective (Latour, 2018). Case managers must understand goal planning to reduce the risk of failure. They must assist the client in developing goals that are favorable, client-centered, realistic and timely, quantifiable, and understood, with only one visible result per goal. Setting and accomplishing goals should be viewed as a lifelong learning experience for both the case manager and the client, rather than a binary of success or failure (Latour, 2018). There is a relationship between the two because a case must be thoroughly assessed before setting the goals.(Interview Q and A Assignment Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

What factors do you consider when doing an intervention plan? How do you go about its implementation?

A case manager creates an intervention strategy by matching available resources and services to the perpetrator’s recognized needs. The offender is in charge of complying with program requirements and altering their conduct (Long et al., 2018). I will consider a client’s individual needs and constraints when creating an intervention plan for them; for example, I would not employ a drug intervention personalized plan in a case where a client is not on drug and substance abuse. It is critical to thoroughly assess a client to understand what would suit them (Long et al., 2018). As a case manager, I must identify if the client has a mental condition that requires treatment, drug and substance addiction, physical disabilities, and history; this may involve why they landed on the correctional facility. The intervention plan’s actual implementation must be done correctly; this largely depends on the client’s requirements. The implementation also varies depending on the clients (Long et al., 2018). Some clients may need to be re-connected with their support systems or connected with jobs, among others.(Interview Q and A Assignment Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

How do you utilize resources available within the correctional institution?

The setting in which case management services are provided is essential. Being a member of a professional group is one of the best ways to stay informed about available resources. In prisons, case managers are responsible for receiving offender reports, supervising criminal reintegration, and cooperating with other people and agencies to ensure criminal monitoring and progress (Latessa & Lovins, 2019). In a prison setting, case managers engage with community agencies to assist prisoners in preparing for release find work, accommodation, and training opportunities. Several reports are required to ensure that offenders are appropriately classified and supervised (Latessa & Lovins, 2019). The reports that a correctional case manager is responsible for are determined by their position within the prison facilities.(Interview Q and A Assignment Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

With your experience as a case manager, what do you think are some issues within the criminal justice system as they pertain to case management

With my experience as a case manager, I think of some issues within the criminal justice system that involves case management. Criminal justice case management poses several challenging concerns, including how to provide continued services to prisoners returning to society (Braithwaite, 2017). Other concerns include employing sanctions to increase service engagement while avoiding unnecessary incarceration and assessing program success. Aside from structural concerns, justice system case managers confront various particular obstacles, such as providing constant levels of treatment (Braithwaite, 2017). At the same time, the offender progresses through the criminal justice system and returns to society.

Other concerns include creating employment opportunities for rejoining felons and helping offenders to locate, apply for, and keep jobs. Lastly, it is also challenging to assist in resolving thorny issues such as family reconciliation and other relatives’ substance misuse problems (Braithwaite, 2017). It is challenging to reintegrate mentally ill convicts and probationers into society successfully. Some programs’ case managers are tasked with managing too many cases with insufficient resources to deliver complete services. Case management comes with many issues and challenges that one can only overcome by thorough assessments, goal setting, monitoring, and evaluation.(Interview Q and A Assignment Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

Interview Q and A Assignment Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example


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Interview Q and A Assignment Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example

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