Childhood Memories Comprehensive Nursing Paper Example

Childhood Memories Comprehensive Nursing Paper Example

Childhood memories stem from childhood experiences, which are fundamental in guiding present behavior and predicting future events. My memories revolve around my life conditions, nurture, and parental love that influenced my confidence and optimism about the future and my social life. (Childhood Memories Comprehensive Nursing Paper Example)I have many childhood memories, but there are a few I can remember perfectly, as if they happened yesterday. Some were life-changing, and I have a high frequency with which I recall the events because of many available triggers. Childhood memories have been influential in my life because they make me remember the best and the worst times that made me grow as an individual and shape my thinking and future. This paper will discuss an authentic life experience and how it is still essential in my life.(Childhood Memories Comprehensive Nursing Paper Example)

Childhood Memories Comprehensive Nursing Paper Example

My childhood memory

When I was in fifth grade, I woke up one morning not feeling like going to school. I had not missed a day in school apart from the day I visited the dentist for a check-up after severe pains in my gums. At this age, it was usual to have fellow children miss school days for various reasons or simply asking their parents. I loved school and my friends the most and enjoyed going to school every day. I had the chance to play with other kids on an enormous playing ground and interact with numerous playing equipment. There was minimal room to play at home because we lived in a busy street, and my parents discouraged us from going to play outside. I would say that my friends had influenced my decisions, asking me to at least miss a day from school and enjoy the feeling of being at home without too much school work. They advised me what I just had to do was tell my parents I did not feel like going to school.(Childhood Memories Comprehensive Nursing Paper Example)

My dad was an engineer at a local factory, and my mum was a nurse. Both were up early for work, taking breakfast and waiting for me to finish preparing myself so that they could take me to school. My dad always dropped us at our distinct schools and workplaces.(Childhood Memories Comprehensive Nursing Paper Example) I went to them as they were taking breakfast and politely asked them if I could skip school that day and justified myself that I had never missed school before, only the day I got ill from toothache. My dad responded that I could skip school if I got dressed, made my bed, and took breakfast quickly. I credulously believed them and did everything they told me fast and efficiently and told them after finishing, only for my mum to tell me that we had less than 20 minutes to get out of the house. I was confused and called them liars, lamenting angrily with a disappointed tone. My dad told me it was April fool’s day, and I had just got fooled. There was no way he would let me skip school without a genuine reason.(Childhood Memories Comprehensive Nursing Paper Example)

I felt disappointed but also laughed at how easily I got fooled. I had plans to fool my parents on this day and emerge with the best prank among the family members, but I was so invested in convincing my parents I wanted to skip school and forgot. This event was a pleasant experience, and I spent the whole school day trying to mend for it by fooling my friends and the teacher. I loved their reaction, and they both felt embarrassed but did not punish me for everyone was trying to fool another. Since then, this day has been among my beautiful childhood memories, and I have always been keen on April fool’s day.(Childhood Memories Comprehensive Nursing Paper Example)

To sum it up, everything was different when I was a child, and the days were more enjoyable compared to today. My best life memories happened in childhood, primarily attributed to my innocence and explorative behavior. These moments were also life lessons that have shaped my perspectives and interaction with people. My parents played a significant part in my childhood and gave me the best experiences I would ever wish.(Childhood Memories Comprehensive Nursing Paper Example)

Childhood Memories Comprehensive Nursing Paper Example
Childhood Memories Comprehensive Nursing Paper Example


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