Practicum Experience Plan Comprehensive Nursing Paper Sample

Practicum Experience Plan Comprehensive Nursing Paper Sample

The practicum learning objectives presented in this assignment are based on the outcome of my self-assessment in week one, as depicted on the clinical skills self-assessment form. I developed the learning objectives based on the application-level clinical skills gaps that I would like to bridge at the end of the practicum. I understand the impact of practicum experience on my nursing career. Clinical practicums are central to nursing education and are crucial in readying nursing students for future practice and shaping their perception of the nursing profession and themselves as future professionals (Kaihlanen et al., 2021). Significantly, I believe that the practicum is crucial in developing professional identity, competency, and prospective occupational commitment. Therefore, a well-planned clinical practicum would facilitate my professional development and practice readiness after graduation. Keeping with the identified clinical practice objectives, I look forward to improving my competency in relevant practice areas. My professional development objectives for the practicum experiences include:(Practicum Experience Plan Comprehensive Nursing Paper Sample)

(Practicum Experience Plan Comprehensive Nursing Paper Sample)

  1. To independently select and implement mental health screening instruments and interpret results. Psychiatric nurse practitioners assess, diagnose, and treat mental health patients. Therefore, competency in psychiatric assessment instruments and interpretation of results is essential in providing quality and safe mental health care. The following are the activities that would help me achieve this goal:(Practicum Experience Plan Comprehensive Nursing Paper Sample)

Planned Activities: Research effective screening tools for various conditions and consult with my preceptor. Review available literature in the school library and within the clinical settings related to psychiatric screening tools and associated interpretations. I will also consult with my preceptors and experienced nurses whenever necessary.(Practicum Experience Plan Comprehensive Nursing Paper Sample)

Mode of Assessment: Reflect on the adopted screening tools based on the patient outcomes.

PRAC Course Outcome(s) Addressed:

  • Apply appropriate psychiatric screening tools
  • Perform psychiatric interviews and diagnostic tests
  1. To independently evaluate, document, and reflect on the practicum learning goals and objectives. Reflective practice is critical for achieving practice autonomy and advanced practice competence. Competency in reflecting on practicum goals will help me examine my actions and experience against the set goals to develop and enhance my clinical knowledge (Koshy et al., 2017).(Practicum Experience Plan Comprehensive Nursing Paper Sample)

Planned Activities: Write down practicum experience goals, make notes of clinical experiences, and periodically reflect on the clinical experience to determine my trajectory towards achieving the goals.(Practicum Experience Plan Comprehensive Nursing Paper Sample)

(Practicum Experience Plan Comprehensive Nursing Paper Sample)

Mode of Assessment: Comprehensive self-assessment.

PRAC Course Outcome(s) Addressed:

  • Evaluate outcomes of practicum goals and modify PEP as necessary
  • Document and reflect on learning experiences
  1. To independently identify the ethical and legal dilemmas in mental health and possible solutions. Nurses face ethical dilemmas daily. Competency in approaching and addressing various ethical issues is critical in practicing fairly and promoting quality care and attention to patients (Haddad & Geiger, 2018). Therefore, developing competency in ethical issues in nursing would allow me to recognize various nursing dilemmas and uphold sound judgments and decisions considering the existing legislation and acceptable moral values.(Practicum Experience Plan Comprehensive Nursing Paper Sample)

Planned Activities: Consult with the preceptor whenever necessary and review the existing institutional and professional ethical regulations. I will be open to working with patients from different cultures and ethical affiliations.

Mode of Assessment: Observe the ethical decisions against the American Psychological Association’s Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct.

PRAC Course Outcome(s) Addressed:

  • Identify ethical and legal dilemmas and resolutions



Haddad, L. M., & Geiger, R. A. (2018). Nursing ethical considerations. Available at: (Accessed 9 September 2022)

Kaihlanen, A. M., Gluschkoff, K., Koskinen, S., Salminen, L., Strandell‐Laine, C., Fuster Linares, P., … & ProCompNurse Consortium. (2021). Final clinical practicum shapes the transition experience and occupational commitment of newly graduated nurses in Europe—A longitudinal study. Journal of advanced nursing77(12), 4782-4792.

Koshy, K., Limb, C., Gundogan, B., Whitehurst, K., & Jafree, D. J. (2017). Reflective practice in health care and how to reflect effectively. International journal of surgery. Oncology2(6), e20.

(Practicum Experience Plan Comprehensive Nursing Paper Sample)


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