Interdisciplinary Plan Proposal Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example

Interdisciplinary Plan Proposal Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example

The Sunrise Hospital and Medical Centre in Las Vegas, Neva nursing care, encounters high staff to patient ratios from high rates of call-outs leading to burnouts that cause frequent medication errors. This interdisciplinary plan proposal outlines the rotational schedules, predictions, and questions for implementing the plan to ensure sufficient staffing and mitigate frequent medication errors.(Interdisciplinary Plan Proposal Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

Interdisciplinary Plan Proposal Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example


            Notably, the plan proposal aims to ensure sufficient staff is at the working station when call-outs occur. New staff members will be hired to improve the rotational schedules. The new staff will work for a minimum of 5 days per month and be on call for six days during the rotations created by the schedule manager. By so doing, patient care and reduction in medication errors will be maximized by low staff to patient ratios (Driscoll et al., 2017). In this case, nurses will have adequate time to countercheck the specific patients’ type of medications and dosage.(Interdisciplinary Plan Proposal Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

Questions and Projections

  1. How long will the plan implementation take? The project will run for six months to complete.
  • One month to hire and orient the new staff members.
  • The scheduling manager will plan the rotations once the new members are recruited.
  • One week for the orientation of the staff at the facility.(Interdisciplinary Plan Proposal Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)
  • Depending on the need, each new staff will have four weeks of training while on the job.
  • The remaining time frame will be used to implement and evaluate the project’s effectiveness.


  1. What amount of budget is allocated to hire the new staff?
  • The budget manager will be required to write a proposal stating the funds needed to hire the new staff.
  • From the proposal, the hospital will estimate the number of staff to be hired.(Interdisciplinary Plan Proposal Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)
  • Notably, there are possibilities that the plan will have unforeseen costs related to employing new staff members.
  1. Will the rotation schedules reduce the number of medication errors by meeting the demands of the call-outs?
  • The plan can be put to the test using part-time staff before the actualization begins.
  • Testing the schedule will reveal loopholes in the plan and generate possible ideas for improvement.

Change Theory Relevant to Implement the Plan

Notably, a Plan Do Study Act (PDSA) cycle will be utilized to implement the plan. The Plan Do Study Act model aids in achieving the planned objective since the outcomes can be measured quantitatively (Crowfoot & Prasad, 2017). In this case, fewer call-outs after the hospital implement the plan would implicate that the project is successful. Additionally, the PDSA model is critical after the plan has been implemented to evaluate its progress and make the necessary improvements (Leis & Shojania, 2017). Also, the Plan Do Study Act cycle improves interdisciplinary communication and fosters relationships in the different departments of the project’s implementation steps.(Interdisciplinary Plan Proposal Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

Leadership Strategies

            The Sunrise Hospital and Medical Centre management system needs to promote power-sharing and employees’ empowerment. Empowerment of staff members creates a sense of belonging and allows them to work together as a team towards a common goal (Udod & Racine, 2017). Teamwork makes staff members inclined to come to work and call out for other team members to do the same. The mentioned strategy is relevant to the hospital’s plan to introduce on-call rotations. Essentially, power-sharing and empowerment enhance communication and shared decision-making among team members.(Interdisciplinary Plan Proposal Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

Collaboration Approach Relevant to the Plan

            The hospital administrator should bolster a culture of monthly staff events and meetings. The mentioned strategy allows team members to meet up for both social and obligatory roles. During staff meetings, team members share their cultures to conform to the same beliefs and interests that promote collaboration at work by nurturing a good working environment (McGill & Rickett, 2017). In this case, interacting with individuals with shared beliefs and interests is more straightforward than another with different ones.  In the project, different individuals will collaborate to ensure the projects’ objectives are achieved. The Scheduling Manager will be responsible for creating and fixing the new staff in the current rotation schedule, while the hiring manager will dictate the hiring of the new personnel.(Interdisciplinary Plan Proposal Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

Organizational Resources Required

            Developing a new on-call rotational schedule requires adequate planning and input from all hospital departments. Five nurses, eleven nurse assistants, and twelve staff from the mental health department will be hired to run the project. Also, the current staff members will be allowed to participate in the program. The schedule manager will oversee the creation of the new schedule and the placement of the new staff members. The project aims to use the ShiftHound App to create on-call rotational schedules accessible via mobile phones by all employees.(Interdisciplinary Plan Proposal Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

The total budget for the project adds up to $10,000, taking into account the following expenses;

  • Hiring 28 new members, including the cost for exams and bonus for the hiring manager.
  • Overtime for the Scheduling manager for creating a new schedule.
  • Bonus to project manager for overseeing the entire process.
  • Overtime for current staff for working in dropped shifts.(Interdisciplinary Plan Proposal Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

Initially, the project will be implemented among the nursing staff members. If the program’s objective is achieved, the plan will be introduced to other hospital departments to improve patient safety and outcomes.

Interdisciplinary Plan Proposal Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example
Interdisciplinary Plan Proposal Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example


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Interdisciplinary Plan Proposal Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example

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