Pediatric nursing research topics for research paper

As a nursing student, there will come a time when you will be asked to prepare a research paper that will serve as a test of your knowledge on pediatric issues in nursing. You will be better able to choose the appropriate subject for your research paper if you have access to a selection of pediatric nursing research topics.

You may select a wide range of topics to concentrate your debate on. However, it may be difficult for many students to find a subject with adequate research information and one that would get them the best scores.

You may discover topics for your paper or ones that will inspire you to select the ideal subject in this article, which covers various topics.

What is breastfeeding in children?

Pediatric nursing is the profession of working with children, adolescents, and their families to promote, restore, and maintain their health. Pediatric nursing focuses on the health of the family as well as the care of the kid.

If you’re interested in this sector, you’ll need to be in charge of your emotions, love kids, and have strong social skills, empathy, and stress management. You have a wide range of themes to pick from for your nursing research paper since this field focuses on providing nursing care for children and adolescents.

Pediatric nursing research topics

The nursing field is extensive, so you’ll need plenty of time to investigate and develop an engaging subject. This article will define a research paper, consider some factors while selecting pediatric nursing research topics, and provide a list of possible research topics.

A research paper about pediatric nursing often demonstrates your research skills and comprehension of the field’s selected subject. The paper also aids in your familiarization with your field of specialty.

A research paper is crucial to your coursework and affects your score. This essay must be finished for you to graduate. Therefore, you must choose a subject that would enable you to succeed.

How to choose themes for pediatric nursing research

When doing research for a paper on pediatric nursing research topics, it’s crucial to concentrate more tightly. There are several topics you might choose to base your conversation around, even within pediatrics. It is difficult to analyze a big issue thoroughly. Solve a particular issue in your area of expertise to ensure your article is original and well researched.

Additionally, choose a hot issue that has a good body of literature. But provide new information if you want to be distinctive and stand out. Neonatology, the NICU, and the pediatric intensive care unit, among other pediatric specialties, provide excellent research TOPICS. Because a research paper is essential, make sure the subject is:

Asking your professor for advice on making it more precise before you choose the subject you want to talk about is a good idea. This will guarantee that your paper is successful.

Pediatric nursing topics for research paper

You must concentrate your research as a pediatric nurse on issues related to pediatric nursing. Some examples of these subjects include

  1. Pediatric care ethics
  2. Causes of children’s Tourettes
  3. Children’s measles problems that might occur
  4. The creation of pediatric cancer therapies
  5. Child malnutrition therapy
  6. Children’s respiratory illnesses: diagnosis and treatment
  7. Preventing childhood malnutrition
  8. Children’s antibiotic resistance
  9. Childhood obesity causes
  10. Therapy for ADHD
  11. Pediatric care ethics
  12. Antibiotics’ effects on children’s immunity
  13. Research subjects in pediatric oncology
  14. Obstacles to communication in pediatric hematology
  15. Modern pediatric oncology nursing trends
  16. Pediatric oncology nurses are in mourning
  17. Pediatric oncology nurses experience stress at work
  18. Criteria of safety for pediatric oncology
  19. Nursing in pediatric oncology: emotional risks
  20. Pediatric oncology nurses that are depressed
  21. Music therapy for children with cancer
  22. Pediatric oncology nurses’ cultural sensitivity
  23. Treatments for febrile children with cancer
  24. Patients with newly diagnosed pediatric cancer are given family and patient education.
  25. The psychological effects of pediatric cancer
  26. Providing complete palliative care while maintaining communication throughout palliative care and the end of life
  27. Comparison of surgical oncology nursing in the past and present
  28. The hematopoietic system’s reaction to radiation in cancer patients
  29. Effects of leukemia cells on the immune system
  30. Acute childhood leukemia
  31. Ways to lower the risk of blindness in kids getting oxygen treatment
  32. Children with cancer and their families’ psychological needs
  33. Improved methods for treating childhood cancer

Evidence-based practice in pediatric nursing topics

How do you tell whether a new therapy is the best option for a kid in your care? When providing care for a patient, evidence-based practice is meant to assist you in finding the answer to this issue. To choose the appropriate course of action for each unique circumstance, the evidence-based approach integrates clinical expertise with consideration of each patient’s values.

  1. The four phases of evidence-based practice are as follows:
  2. Posing a query
  3. Getting information evaluating the study
  4. Using the results
  5. Here are some samples of evidence-based themes for pediatric nursing research papers that you may use as inspiration.
  6. Kid preparation for treatments based on developmental traits
  7. Getting the family ready
  8. Common hygiene
  9. Techniques for ensuring safety
  10. Getting ready for the operation
  11. Collection of specimens
  12. The steps involved in giving medicine
  13. Procedures for administering blood
  14. Interventions in care for the dying
  15. Reduction of newborns’ discomfort during simple operations
  16. Newborns receiving intramuscular injections
  17. Children’s pain control in terminal illness
  18. Themes general to pediatric nursing
  19. Immunization
  20. Obesity, controlling one’s weight, and eating well
  21. Asthma diagnosis and treatment
  22. Detection of autism
  23. Resistance to antibiotics in young children
  24. A congenital cardiac condition
  25. Pediatric psychiatry
  26. Causes and remedies for ADHD
  27. Teenage medication
  28. Child dermatology
  29. Infant medicine
  30. Rare illnesses
  31. Nursing pediatric care
  32. Therapy for speech impairments
  33. Causes of infant seizures

Pediatric evidence-based practice topics in neonatal nursing

One subspecialty of pediatrics is neonatology. The evolution and development brought about by technological and scientific discoveries have increased the survival of preterm newborns who need critical care. Nursing newborns is both challenging but also gratifying.

In the days after delivery, you will be expected to care for newborn babies who have medical issues. Babies in your care may suffer physical deformities, infections, or other health issues that need a stay in the neonatal critical care unit (NICU).

The field of neonatal nursing covers a wide range of themes, including creating new information on the risks associated with poor outcomes in unwell neonates, comprehending the basic biology of preterm births and their problems, and evaluating novel treatments in newborns. For your research paper about neonatal nursing, you may select from the themes below in fields including pulmonary, neurology, genetics, cardiac, and general newborn care.

Pediatric neonatal research topics

For pediatric nursing research topics, see this list.

  1. Leading causes of death in children
  2. Issues with feeding and treatment
  3. Neonatal illness diagnosis
  4. Eating problems in children
  5. Fundamentals of postpartum baby care
  6. Neonatal care in distant locations
  7. Babies’ hygiene and skin care
  8. Hand hygiene in newborn units is crucial
  9. The causes of children’s seizures
  10. Prevailing neonatal procedures
  11. The significance of biomarkers in neonatal traumatic brain injury diagnosis
  12. Maternal obesity’s effects on a child’s development
  13. Using hormones to build fetal lungs
  14. Potential respiratory illnesses and infections in preterm neonates
  15. Newborn sepsis
  16. Drug use’s effects on a baby’s brain development

Pediatric neurology topics

Children with neurosurgical issues need nursing care provided to patients in pediatric neurosurgery. Nurses can better comprehend the neurological illness and pinpoint each issue by using the presented symptoms, the results of the neurological examination, and the patient’s history. Neurological and pediatric nursing research topics are listed below for your consideration.

  1. Causes of children’s impaired neurological growth
  2. Newborn brain damage
  3. Drug usage by mothers and how it affects the development of the baby
  4. Administration of spinal Bifida
  5. Neurological development results
  6. Inflammation’s effects on the developing brain
  7. Neonatal meningitis vaccination and prevention measures
  8. Causes and methods for treating a brain abscess
  9. Brain abnormalities
  10. Central nerve system tumors
  11. Cerebral palsy diagnosis
  12. Coma
  13. Epilepsy diagnosis and treatment
  14. Increases the pressure within the skull
  15. Getting hydrocephalus treated
  16. Infant pain management
  17. A spina bifida
  18. Paraplegia
  19. From pediatric to adult care transition
  20. Are oncological critical care units necessary for hospitals?
  21. Neurosurgical advancements from the 20th century against the 21st century
  22. Newborn lung illness
  23. Upper airway conditions
  24. Obstructive snoring
  25. Immediate respiratory issues
  26. Respiratory physiology in children
  27. Therapy of pediatric illnesses using stem cells
  28. Nursing research topics in genetics
  29. Embryonic gene therapy
  30. Neonatal sepsis biomarkers
  31. The fetus is impacted by maternal obesity.
  32. Fibrosis and inflammation are influenced by tissue damage.
  33. Processing of surfactant proteins
  34. Clinical studies on surfactants
  35. Insulin sensitivity
  36. Genetic control
  37. Biology of the mitochondria
  38. The down syndrome
  39. Edwards disease
  40. Fibromyalgia x syndrome
  41. Turner’s disease
  42. Tuberculous sclerosis
  43. Ectopic dysplasia
  44. Klippel-Feil disease
  45. Achondroplasia
  46. Aarskog disease

 Perinatal nursing research topics

Women who need nursing care throughout pregnancy, delivery, or postpartum should get it. Additionally, perinatal nurses care for newborns from the onset of pregnancy through the first month of life.

As a perinatal nurse, you are responsible for assisting expectant mothers by teaching them how to care for their unborn child and have a good pregnancy. Additionally, you’ll work in hospital antepartum, postpartum, and labor and delivery units.

As a perinatal nurse, you often communicate and work with obstetricians, perinatal nurse practitioners, and midwives. There are many options for excellent pediatric nursing research topics because perinatal nursing is so broad.

  1. Weight gain during pregnancy
  2. Using drugs when pregnant
  3. Pregnancy and mental health
  4. Breastfeeding
  5. Visitors’ relations with expectant mothers precautions for home births
  6. Cord-cutting convictions
  7. Planned birth at home
  8. During labor, managing the baby
  9. Delayed cord clamping while giving delivery at home
  10. Improvements in newborn treatment
  11. Perinatal depression in mothers
  12. Infant mortality
  13. Birthing location perception concerning pregnancy risks
  14. The best cord clamping
  15. Comparison between home delivery with birth in a hospital
  16. Nursing issues for evidence-based practice in 2022
  17. Economic aspects of assisted suicide
  18. Difficulties with immigrant men’s health
  19. The opioid’s social consequences
  20. Health’s nursing adaption
  21. Diversifying the nursing profession
  22. Female health
  23. Nursing salaries by gender
  24. Nutrition
  25. The need for immunization during pregnancy
  26. Emergency treatment for situations that pose a risk to life
  27. Minimizing drug error
  28. Children’s exposure to the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) in newborn care
  29. Preventing infection in the surgery region
  30. Taking vaccinations
  31. Avoiding delirium

Pediatric radiology nursing research topics

Acute bone fracture and joint imaging, fetal spine and airway imaging, and pediatric neurology are new subjects in this pediatric sub-specialty that you could find fascinating. These are some options for pediatric nursing research topics if you’re ambitious and interested in this field.

  1. Risk calculator for extremely preterm newborns to estimate the presence of hyperactivity disorder
  2. Hydrocephalus photography
  3. Imaging of pulmonary infections
  4. MRI testing
  5. Planning of radiotherapy treatment
  6. Risk factors for health when using pediatric imaging
  7. Injury to the central nervous system and neuroprotection

 pediatric orthopedics nursing research topics

The likelihood of running across an orthopedic patient while working as an orthopedic nurse is pretty high. You have the chance to help a young kid who is suffering from a severe accident, traumatic event, chronic condition, or disease.

You may discover a variety of themes for your research paper about pediatric orthopedics on this page.

  1. Leg length deviation
  2. Spine malformation
  3. Abnormalities of the growth plate
  4. Scoliosis treatment and management
  5. Bone dysplasia
  6. Neuromuscular
  7. Disordered joints in children
  8. Management of weight and obesity
  9. Sports medicine and exercise
  10. Treatment of pain
  11. Stretching and the prevention of sporting injuries
  12. Effects of music therapy on patients after orthopedic surgery that was elective
  13. Rehabilitation after hip and knee replacement
  14. Treatment options for plantar fasciitis
  15. Massage treatment
  16. Discharge following complete hip or knee replacement: determining factors

Topics for research in pediatric rheumatology nursing

You care for the patient and their family when treating children or teenagers with rheumatic disorders. You educate the family on analgesics and the necessity for proper cleanliness while giving injections.

  1. Virus-like
  2. Taking care of Lyme illness
  3. Treatment of pain
  4. Spinal conditions
  5. Fibromyalgia
  6. Lupus diagnosis and treatment
  7. Systemic lupus erythematosus in children
  8. Evaluation of one’s health and quality of life
  9. Pediatric rheumatology issues
  10. Dysfunction of the immune system and physiology

pediatric surgical nursing topics

Children’s anatomical, emotional, physiological, and surgical conditions differ from adult ones. You will be available to the patient’s family in addition to the patient as a pediatric surgical nurse.

Pediatric perioperative treatment focuses on the individual problem that affects them, and the preoperative evaluation includes a thorough birth history, development, vaccination history, and medical disorders. The topics below relate to pediatric surgery and may be included in your research paper.

  1. Surgery for anorectal malformation
  2. Review of children’s pancreatic operations in the past
  3. Improved healing after surgery in youngsters
  4. Review of current surgical techniques
  5. Pancreatic surgery with a minimum of trauma
  6. Pediatric achalasia treatment
  7. Sutureless fastening
  8. Importance of newborn tongue-tie
  9. Hernia of the diaphragm
  10. Pediatric surgery in areas with low incomes
  11. Surgery results for newborns with gastroschisis
  12. Results of surgery for newborns with posterior urethra valves

Nursing challenges with children

You have the duty of caring for a sick kid as a medical professional working in pediatrics. You should guard children against risks including hunger, trauma, violence, infections, prenatal injuries, and congenital deformities.

Your field of expertise as a pediatric nurse will be the treatment and welfare of children from prenatal life through the perinatal and neonatal period, infancy, childhood, and adolescents, until the age of transition to adulthood. You will encounter various problems that sick kids are dealing with while seeking treatment. Below are pediatric nursing issues.

  1. Genetic conditions
  2. Birth diagnosis
  3. Prematurity
  4. Trauma
  5. Birth physiology
  6. Bullying
  7. Adolescent obesity
  8. Persistent diseases
  9. Overuse of prescription drugs
  10. Depression in young people
  11. Pain in the abdomen in children
  12. Sexual abuse of children
  13. Adolescent alcoholism
  14. A child abuser
  15. Teens who are homeless are sexually abused
  16. Young people who are homeless and suicidal
  17. Adolescents that are homeless utilize drugs.
  18. Treatment for young people who have been sexually abused
  19. Nursing care for children and adolescents who have been emotionally harmed


There are several subspecialties within the broad subject of pediatric nursing. You have a wide range of options for your paper’s pediatric nursing research topics because of the richness of this subject of study. The availability of research materials and your area of interest should be considered when you narrow down your subject.

A strong research paper is crucial since it will decide whether you pass or fail in your class, which will immediately impact your graduation. Select a subject that interests you and is related to your field of study.

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