Sewerage Exposure Comprehensive Solved Nursing Essay Example

Sewerage Exposure Comprehensive Solved Nursing Essay Example

Sewerage exposure has been a problem in American communities for some time but has remained uncovered. The problem is caused by leaking sewer pipes and non-compliance by water treatment facilities to strict regulatory regimes to uphold high health standards. Even with the current Covid-19 pandemic, many environmental problems have emerged, including those caused by natural and human-made events (Balkhair & Ashraf, 2016). The presence of wastewater along walkways and courts, and farms is a community problem and a national concern that should be considered other hazards and calamities with detrimental effects. Failed septic systems cause devastating health problems for humans and the environment in general. As a regional director, I identified sewerage exposure as an existing environmental hazard in my community and should be addressed with utmost urgency. Therefore, I will summarize sewerage exposure by discussing resultant human health effects, routes of human exposure, impact on occupational health and the general public, and suggesting how to reduce the effects on the community. (Sewerage Exposure Comprehensive Solved Nursing Essay Example)

Sewerage Exposure Comprehensive Solved Nursing Essay Example

Human Health Effects of Sewerage Exposure

Over the years, American communities have endured challenging economic situations which have rendered people unable to meet day-to-day needs, including health. Sewerage exposure presents myriad health effects for workers handling waste and communities directly and indirectly exposed to viral and bacterial disease carriers (Balkhair & Ashraf, 2016). The health effects that wastewater has on the human body can potentially cause serious health problems and, at the same time, result in life-threatening situations that can lead to death. Most affected in the community are workers who handle these wastes as part of their daily job and are exposed to bacterial infections and viruses such as poliomyelitis and gastroenteritis. In most cases, workers in sewerage systems and water treatment plants mistake gastroenteritis as stomach flu, which presents a further health problem. Unlike regular stomach flu, gastroenteritis exhibits symptoms of abdominal pain, excessive vomiting, cramping, nausea, and diarrhea. Similarly, poliomyelitis has nearly the same symptoms but can cause temporary or permanent paralysis. Therefore, viral infections of sewerage exposure severely affect normal human body systems.(Sewerage Exposure Comprehensive Solved Nursing Essay Example)

Although my community takes health precautions to prevent viral infections from wastewater, bacterial problems are a concern. Bacterial infections arise due to untreated sewage being left in the open, causing serious threats to community members. Common bacterial infections are E. coli and campylobacteriosis and transmitted through waterborne parasites such as Giardiasis and Cryptosporidiosis (Lasaridi et al., 2018). Campylobacteriosis can present devastating health effects to community members and cause fever, vomiting, bloody stool, and cramping. Likewise, E. coli has symptoms like abdominal pain, vomiting, and vomiting and other issues that may lead to hemolytic uremic syndrome. This condition affects people in varying extremes and causes kidney failure and, in some cases, death. (Sewerage Exposure Comprehensive Solved Nursing Essay Example)

Sources of Sewage into the Environment

Sewage gets into the environment through different channels used to drain off wastewater from sources. Wastewater can originate from commercial or industrial, and domestic activities and makeup of varying constituent elements. This determines toxicity levels and potential effects on the community. Domestic sewage sources include wastewater from laundry, plumbing fixtures, toilets, kitchen sinks, and baths from households. Commercial sources include business premises, food outlets, and manufacturing companies. Communities are vulnerable to various agents of pollution, particularly water spills that can wash wastewater into fields and even households causing devastating effects. (Sewerage Exposure Comprehensive Solved Nursing Essay Example)

Route of Human Exposure

The main routes of sewage of exposure are hand-to-mouth contact, inhalation, skin absorption, and mucous membranes. The hand-to-mouth contact is often referred to as the faecal-oral route and occurs when drinking, eating, smoking, and touching the face with contaminated hands. Sewage contains chemical emissions that people inhale while doing their regular activities and is a common entry point. For people with damaged skin, aerosols can get into the body and cause damage. Also, it is essential to note that the eyes and nose have thin mucous membranes making them a likely entry point. (Sewerage Exposure Comprehensive Solved Nursing Essay Example)

Effects of Sewerage Exposure to Occupational Health

Management of sewage services incorporates assistance from workers, employers, contractors, and supervisors. All these people partake in different roles while ensuring exposure to sewage risks are reduced and eliminated if possible (Lasaridi et al., 2018). However, workers are the most affected depending on their scope of involvement. Exposure to sewage affects plumbers, sludge tank operators, forestry personnel, and workers at treatment plants, inspection and maintenance points, and those working with portable toilet systems.(Sewerage Exposure Comprehensive Solved Nursing Essay Example)

Sewage exposure can be a biological and chemical hazard. Contact with microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria through hand-to-mouth contact and breathing renders the exposure biological. Treatment sites can contain methane, carbon monoxide, and hydrogen sulphide, which have different impacts on people and their regular activities, making it a chemical hazard. (Sewerage Exposure Comprehensive Solved Nursing Essay Example)

Suggestion to Reducing Effects of Exposure

As much as exposure to sewerage is harmful to people and the environment, communities should initiate preventive measures to reduce pollution caused by wastewater. I suggest homeowners, commercial entities, and city administrators design a framework to oversee sewerage systems’ operation and maintenance requirements in the community. This approach will enhance the functionality of sewerage systems, their longevity, and value. I believe the information provided on exposure to sewage will be essential for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) under the Office of Environmental Information (OEI). (Sewerage Exposure Comprehensive Solved Nursing Essay Example)

Sewerage Exposure Comprehensive Solved Nursing Essay Example


Balkhair, K. S., & Ashraf, M. A. (2016). Field accumulation risks of heavy metals in soil and vegetable crop irrigated with sewage water in the western region of Saudi Arabia. Saudi journal of biological sciences23(1), S32-S44. (Sewerage Exposure Comprehensive Solved Nursing Essay Example)

Lasaridi, K. E., Manios, T., Stamatiadis, S., Chroni, C., & Kyriacou, A. (2018). The evaluation of hazards to man and the environment during the composting of sewage sludge. Sustainability10(8), 2618.(Sewerage Exposure Comprehensive Solved Nursing Essay Example)

Sewerage Exposure Comprehensive Solved Nursing Essay Example


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