Practicum Reflection Comprehensive Nursing Paper Sample

Practicum Reflection Comprehensive Nursing Paper Sample

The most exciting aspect of my pediatric clinical experience was the incorporation of core values into care. As pediatric nurse practitioners, personal character and values are crucial to our growth and patient’s wellbeing. My clinical interactions with patients and their families also shaped my understanding and perception of cultural awareness in pediatric nursing. I have learned that families are crucial in providing the additional information necessary to make a clinical diagnosis and create treatment plans. As a pediatric nurse, it is vital to recognize the significant role families play in their children’s health and wellbeing, such as socio-emotional and developmental support, which are integral components of pediatric health care.(Practicum Reflection Comprehensive Nursing Paper Sample)

(Practicum Reflection Comprehensive Nursing Paper Sample)

Initially, I defined family roles as the primary responsibilities that a family plays on behalf of the patient, including collaboration with nurses to plan, provide, and evaluate care (Smith, 2018).  However, I have discovered that families come in all shapes and sizes, and no two are identical, just like humans. Similarly, I have learned that family roles are varied yet mirror the child’s best interests. Furthermore, I learned that children, particularly those below 12 years, ascribe to their parental culture. In this case, parents must be well informed before making decisions regarding a child’s care (Tavallali et al., 2017). The nurse’s role involves providing comprehensive and unbiased clinical information to the family and healthcare team. As a result, not only do the parents have a legal duty to make medical decisions for their children, but they also have an ethical obligation to improve that capacity (Smith, 2018). Through these experiences, I provided parents with relevant information and gave room for shared decision-making.(Practicum Reflection Comprehensive Nursing Paper Sample)

Particularly, I was amazed by the significance of cultural awareness attending to a pediatric patient. I learned that one has to go beyond knowing the child’s family culture, values, beliefs, and practices to understand how it affects attitudes and beliefs on care provision. Besides, I also learned the importance of utilizing cultural awareness to improve health equity. Cultural sensitivity is a crucial nursing skill crucial to improving pediatric care by aligning care plans to a patient’s culture, leading to trust, participation, effective communication, care, and satisfaction (Aghajari et al., 2019). Madeleine’s transcultural nursing theory emphasizes the significance of knowing and understanding different cultures in a nursing environment and the need to provide care in the context of a patient’s culture and values (Busher et al., 2015).(Practicum Reflection Comprehensive Nursing Paper Sample)

Moreover, I met my primary goals and objectives developed in week one. For example, I managed to provide competent, need-based, and comprehensive care through guidance from my supervisor. Besides, I interpreted children’s basic needs to their parents and family, guiding them on the most appropriate care intervention. Lastly, I provided preventive care and alleviated suffering in assigned pediatric patients using proved and evidence-based nursing interventions.(Practicum Reflection Comprehensive Nursing Paper Sample)

Based on my practicum accomplishment, I have developed new goals for my continuous education and professional practices as follows:(Practicum Reflection Comprehensive Nursing Paper Sample)

  1. To be competent in providing advanced nursing care and promoting continuity of care.
  2. To provide screening, evaluation, and diagnosis for patients in both primary and acute care settings to pediatric patients through to 21 years until a successful transition into adult care.(Practicum Reflection Comprehensive Nursing Paper Sample)
  3. To be culturally competent care that promotes health equity and accounts for the variabilities of cultures that may exists in pediatric care.(Practicum Reflection Comprehensive Nursing Paper Sample)
  4. To be competent in advocating for children and families, provide anticipatory guidance, and counsel on environment, lifestyle, and development.(Practicum Reflection Comprehensive Nursing Paper Sample)
  5. To understand the pathogenesis of pediatric diseases and interpret current and emerging evidence-based practice in addressing the health needs of pediatric patients.(Practicum Reflection Comprehensive Nursing Paper Sample)

(Practicum Reflection Comprehensive Nursing Paper Sample)


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(Practicum Reflection Comprehensive Nursing Paper Sample)


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