Windshield Survey of Hialeah Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example

Windshield Survey of Hialeah Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example

A windshield survey refers to an observational technique that involves driving or walking through a community to observe and take note of its characteristics. Windshield surveys are crucial for community evaluation since it involves observing specific needs specific to the community, including socio-economic and physical factors and medical conditions of the neighborhood (Brown, 2017). Windshield surveys are instrumental when observing large areas and for community aspects that can be observed from the road, while walking, or in a moving vehicle. This paper presents a report of a windshield survey of Hialeah.(Windshield Survey of Hialeah Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

Windshield Survey of Hialeah Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example
Windshield Survey of Hialeah Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example

Hialeah is a city in Miami-Dade County in, Florida. Hialeah lies in the Southeast of Florida, Northwest of Miami, and within the Miami canal. Hialeah is about 21.6 sq miles, and It is the sixth-largest city in Florida. The city forms part of the greater South Florida and Miami metropolitan areas. Hialeah is one of the least diverse cities in the USA. The people observed during the windshield surveys were majorly Cuban. About 73.37% of the population are Hispanic, Cubans, and Cuban Americans (United States Census Bureau, 2021). (Windshield Survey of Hialeah Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)However, other people from different races and tribes were observed within the streets and town corridors, including African Americans or people of color, Asians, and Native Americans. Hialeah has an approximate population of 223 109 (Unite States Census Bureau, 2021), comprising majorly immigrants and the Cuban population being the majority. Hialeah’s population density of 10,589 people per square mile is one of the largest in the USA (United States Census Bureau, 2021). Most people communicate in Spanish. This was justified during the windshield survey, where seven in every ten people in the street spoke Spanish, and two in every ten spoke English primarily for business purposes. The other 1 percent was shared with other ethnic groups.(Windshield Survey of Hialeah Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

The average family is 3.03, and the average age of Hialeah’s population is 44.5years (United States Census Bureau, No date). The average age of males is 42.7years and 46.1 years for females.   The types of households include family, nonfamily, all, male or married. Hialeah constitutes a family-oriented neighborhood considering the unique blend of nationalities and cultures. Most of the people were observed in the city center towards downtown Hialeah. Nonfamily households are typical on street corners and convenient stores with street families, most of whom are illegal immigrants. (Windshield Survey of Hialeah Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)The street families are homeless and identical in appearance, i.e., look unkempt, carry garbage and sleeping bags, and beg for food. Most homeless and street families comprise the majority of adults and a few children. The other characteristics observed among street families were that majority and mainly those who appeared younger than 30 years, engaged in street games, fights, and abused drugs. The other population observed were members of cleaning service providers and landscaping firms, including premium landscaping, whose employees were spotted on various occasions engaging in lawn mowing and hedge trimming services in uptown Hialeah.(Windshield Survey of Hialeah Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

The city has a well-structured infrastructure comprising a good network of roads that supports public transport as the primary means of transportation in the town.  (Windshield Survey of Hialeah Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)The roads are massive, and the transit networks are well maintained. The city has the Hialeah Transit Bus System with two routes, including the Marline and Flamingo, and several stops at government centers, healthcare facilities, shopping destinations, transportation centers, educational institutions, and businesses. Besides, Hialeah has metro rail transportation services. Other people use personal cars, motorcycles, and bicycles, considering the bike trails like the palmetto greenway and commodore trail. There are also walking trails for pedestrians moving through Hialeah. The city’s transportation service providers are consistently busy since the town is considered the transportation hub of Miami. Because of this, I witnessed impromptu traffic congestion due to train crossings where Florida East Coast Railway convoys rush past.(Windshield Survey of Hialeah Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

The other transportation service provider is the Metrobus and Miami-Dade Transit, which travels to Hialeah through Miami Lakes from NW 163 St & 57 Ave, stopping at the Hialeah Metrorail station. The bus and train stations have sitting spaces, albeit not all for waiting travelers. Significantly, some transport stations have ramps while others do not have or are in a bad state, which I believe is not ideal for those using wheelchairs. Moreover, the stations with no sitting spaces are not suitable for the elderly waiting to catch rides to various stations. (Windshield Survey of Hialeah Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)However, I observed that the buses and trains have door ramps and stewards who disabled the disabled to get in and out of the buses/trains. The other significant aspect of transportation in Hialeah is the installation of traffic signs and lights, which all road users primarily obey. I believe that traffic signs and lights are crucial to transportation safety and have contributed to reducing traffic offenses and accidents over the years. Gas stations and auto repair shops are also evenly distributed in the community and provide services to private and public motorists plying the community routes.(Windshield Survey of Hialeah Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

There are various businesses in Hialeah, considering it is a dynamic and business-friendly community filled with carried traditions and cultural heritage. There are approximately 15,771 businesses as of 2021 (Miami-Dade Beacon Council, 2022). During the windshield survey, the typical companies were observed mainly to belong to the healthcare, social, retail, manufacturing, and education sectors. Most businesses were observed to exercise social ethics, including maintaining a clean environment and customer friendliness.(Windshield Survey of Hialeah Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example) Familiar companies that engage in business within Hialeah include Sedano’s supermarkets that offer retail services, Cordi’s international, which provides medical products, and Citrus health network, which provides foster care services to special needs populations. Other businesses such as For Eyes offer optical retail and Hyde Shipping, which offers consolidated shipping services. Notable supermarket chains in Hialeah include Target and Kohl’s stores, the Westland promenade, the Westland Mall, and Walmart (Hialeah Gardens). Other significant stores in Hialeah include Sephora, Home Depot, Macy’s, Sears, Publix, and Navarro stores. Hialeah has several small businesses, including sole proprietorships such as shops, food truckers, landscaping, garbage, waste collection, and cleaning businesses. Also typical are the tourism service providers. A significant example includes the Holyday Inn, which offers accommodation and food services. Transpiration is also a big business in Hialeah, evidenced by various taxi service providers.(Windshield Survey of Hialeah Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

These businesses, including government, educational, and corporate institutions, provide direct and indirect employment to residents of Hialeah. For instance, fast food chains such as the Wendy’s, Burger King, Sissy and Rey pizza, Checkers, Mac Donald’s, and Taco Bell are typical in the city, and most graduates work for these ventures. According to the United States Census Bureau (2021),(Windshield Survey of Hialeah Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example) the median household income is $38,471 and a per capita income of $19,492. Some people also earn a living from hawking fruits, including guavas, cold water bottles, churros, and other drinks. I observed the Employee Retirement office, a significant public administration office situated at Palm Ave. The office plays a crucial role in the benefit pension plan.(Windshield Survey of Hialeah Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

Hialeah has various stores from which residents buy groceries. During the windshield survey, I observed several grocery stores, including Walmart neighborhood market, Walmart supercenter, the Fresh Market, Victoria center, the Publix, Bravo supermarkets, the Sprouts, Aldi, Sodano’s, and Fresco. (Windshield Survey of Hialeah Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)These stores charge various grocery prices, thus attracting different people based on social class and income. Most residents throng these shops on Sundays, and they prepare for the week ahead. However, some people also shop on Fridays. Hialeah’s other significant shopping centers include Lago Mar, El Mercado, Westland Promenade, and Westland shopping centers. El Mercado shopping center, for example, is located at the 2490 W 60th St, Hialeah Gardens, with excellent visibility and access. El Mercado can be accessed using 60th St and 24th Ave from the West. The area seemed to be densely populated. However, trade is vibrant considering the substantial daytime population. Fine restaurants, casual dining, fast-casual, café, pubs, coffee houses, fast food, and food truck, cart, or stands are everyday eateries and restaurants in Hialeah. An excellent example of a café is the Trigo Café and Latin Café on 839 W 49th St and 1192 W 49th St, respectively. I noted that most residents prefer casual dining restaurants relative to fine restaurants, which I believed to be due to tight work schedules. Also preferred is the fast-food joint. It is uncommon to pass an empty fast-food joint. A common aspect of these fast-food joints is the high level of hygiene. However, some eateries at the border with Opa-Locka did not indicate a high level of hygiene.(Windshield Survey of Hialeah Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

I noted various children and family-based service providers in the city, ranging from educational amenities, religious services, and daycares. Hialeah has multiple public and private schools, including Jose Marti Mast 6-12 Academy on  24th Ave, Miami Lakes K-8 Center on 67th Ave, Academy For Young Learners Inc. on 68th Ave, and American Christian School & Art Center on 20th Ave.,(Windshield Survey of Hialeah Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example) among other schools. Some of the colleges and universities spotted during the windshield survey include the Florida Career College on 18th Ave and Florida national on 20th Ave. Hialeah public library on 49th St. and Curtis E-library on 4th Ave were observed during the survey.(Windshield Survey of Hialeah Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

Among the youth centers observed are the Youth Athletic and Talent Development center on 6th Ave and the Early Prevention and Intervention Youth and Internship Program enter on 8th Ave. Hialeah DCF (The Department of Children & Families) office on 44th place, Access Support Team on 68 street suite, West Dade DCF office service center on 24th street. Florida Children’s Department and Family Quail Roost Service center on roost drive. The Department of Children & Families provides services dealing with child care, welfare, legal services, community-based care, domestic violence, homelessness, independent living services, interstate compact for the placement of children, mental health, public benefits integrity, refugee services, and substance abuse among other services (DCF, n.d). (Windshield Survey of Hialeah Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)The city has various after-school programs offered by Hialeah’s Education and Community Services Department. Examples of after-school programs include the creative learning and play (CL &P)  program offered at various locations, including Babcock, Bright, and Coston parks observed during the wind survey. CL &P supports students from grades K to five for residents and non-residents of the Miami-Dade area (, 2022a). The youth leaders with character (YLC) program supports teenagers in grades 6 to 8 with STEM activities, homework assistance, and sports. Prince charming parties LLC, observed on 173rd drive, offers the YLC program. The STEP ahead programs offered in Miami-Dade County public primary schools target high school students with special needs. The Education and Community Service Department on 24th Avenue offers the STEP program, as observed during the survey. Lastly, the YLC –Orange(Windshield Survey of Hialeah Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

The program provides enrichment and academic activities for 6th to 8th-grade teens. Henry H. Filer and Hialeah Middle Schools, observed on the 29th Street and 7th Avenue, respectively, offers the YLC -Orange Program.(Windshield Survey of Hialeah Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example) These institutions are strategically located and marked appropriately to allow the community to understand the business hours and associated traffic conditions. Moreover, most of these institutions have nursing facilities for students and participants, parking lots for visitors, driveways, and footpaths for all visitors. (Windshield Survey of Hialeah Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

Most of the houses in the city are old. New buildings are relatively new, while others are undergoing renovations or upgrades. Hialeah is primarily an urban community, and there are various types of houses. Most people live and work within the city.(Windshield Survey of Hialeah Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example) Some of the houses a detached, and others are attached. There are a few mobile homes and many townhouses. However, many houses, residential or businesses are in good shape and well-maintained, while a few are in dilapidated states and require immediate renovations or reconstruction. Most of the buildings are constructed using concrete, stucco, or wood. Oher houses, particularly the mobile ones, are built using prefabricated material. The buildings are primarily congested with an inner-city characteristic and an urban sprawl and outskirts. The city outskirts appear to be in good shape, with the most well-maintained buildings. There are conventional housing complexes with up to seven floors, as observed in Palm Center phase II on 3rd St and 4th Ave.(Windshield Survey of Hialeah Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

Despite the gratification with these conventional houses, downtown Hialeah presents a different picture, with most housing conditions remaining poor and neglected with signs of decay. The exit zoning ordinances under the Land Development Regulations (LDRs) that classifies the land into different uses, including agriculture, commerce, residential, and recreation (Hialeah Gardens Florida, 2022). (Windshield Survey of Hialeah Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)However, most inhabitants of downtown Hialeah are indeed immigrants, some of whom are illegal residents and undocumented. These people have no formal jobs and have limited income to afford better housing. It is common to find condominiums in downtown Hialeah that are not adequately maintained with limited amenities, including water and garbage collection services making the streets unsightly. Unlike downtown Hialeah, other communities within the city live in well-maintained houses, clean and painted/repainted. A flat roof is typical for most commercial buildings and rental apartments and is well labeled. Backyards vary in size with location and housing. Most vacant residential houses, apartments, and facilities are signposted, identifying them as ready for accommodation.(Windshield Survey of Hialeah Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

There are various private and government-owned health and social care services and resource centers in Hialeah. During the survey, some of the observed healthcare service centers included A & A health services on 84th St, OM health services on 49th St., Royal care homes health services on 12 Ave., and D N home health services on 50th St., among other healthcare service centers. I equally observed hospitals, including Hialeah hospital on 25th St., Larking Community Hospital Palm Springs on 49th, and St. Palmetto general hospital on 68th St. Specialty clinics observed were majorly for dental services, including UF Health on 25th St, Pan American Dental Clinic on 29th St., and Dental American Group. (Windshield Survey of Hialeah Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)The retail health services observed included Rite Care Urgent Care Medical Center 49th St., MD Now Urgent Care 49th St. and Care Vantage Medical Centers of Miami on 16th Avenue. Pharmacies in Hialeah include Drug Center Incorporated on Palm Ave # 1, Palm Avenue Pharmacy, Care Med Pharmacy Group on Palm Ave suite, Med Star Incorporated on 68th St., and Wal-Mart Pharmacy on 49th St., among other pharmacies. However, I did not observe any centers for alternative medicine during the survey. The health care service centers operate for different hours depending on the client served and needs and are strategically located in different parts of the city. Like educational institutions, the healthcare facilities have driveways and footpaths, including ramps for the disabled and transport services.(Windshield Survey of Hialeah Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

Uptown Hialeah has adequate green spaces. Beautiful parks within the city provide resting spaces and escape from the concrete jungle. (Windshield Survey of Hialeah Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)The shade and the breeze are crucial to city dwellers. Observed parks include Mattingly, Milander, Bucky Triangle Park, Dent Water, Benny Babcock, Southeast, and Goodlet Parks. These parks offer recreational services to both locals and nonlocals. Services include swimming, site seeing, swinging, and other tourism services. There are soccer fields, bike trails, dog parks, and tree forts. These structures and services provide individuals and families with fun. The water sports facility at Amelia Earhart is breathtaking, and individuals enjoy kneeboarding, wakeboarding, surfing, and skiing.(Windshield Survey of Hialeah Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

Hialeah has various resources and assets that influence the overhaul health of the community and its residents. These resources and assets include hospitals and health care service centers, as discussed in this essay. Palmetto, Hialeah, and Palm Spring hospitals serve the most residents in the community. (Windshield Survey of Hialeah Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)They are strategically located and offer ambulance services and community health promotion, which are crucial to identifying and mitigating public health issues in Hialeah. Furthermore, the excellent road and rail network aids in effective response to health-related issues within the community, including referral of patients and response to accident scenes or emergencies. Cleaning and garbage collection resources, clean water, and road networks are crucial in supporting public health nursing activities. There are a dozen mental health centers, including Palmetto Mental Health Center on 69th St., Felicidad Community Mental Health Center on 16 Ave., and Citrus Health Network, Inc. 0600 20th Ave. The Terrace of Hialeah on 28th St., Palmetto Care Center 22nd Ct., and Waterford Rehab & Nursing Center on Okeechobee Rd.(Windshield Survey of Hialeah Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

Hialeah has protective and safety services, as observed from the windshield survey. These include police and fire departments. (Windshield Survey of Hialeah Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)There is a Hialeah Fire Department Administration Building on 5th St., Hialeah Fire Station 3 on 9th St., Hialeah Fire Station #7 on 24th Ave, and many other stations. Hialeah Police Department is on the 8th Ave., and Hialeah Gardens Police Department on 87th Ave acts as the primary law enforcement agency in the town. Having police departments is critical in maintaining law and order in an area experiencing an upsurge in illegal immigration and for the general safety of the residents. The two police departments have clean environments, are strategically located, and signposted. Volunteers of America on 46th St., Hialeah VOA Elderly Housing on the 46th St, and the caring place administration offer protective services, including care for the elderly and vulnerable people in Hialeah.(Windshield Survey of Hialeah Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)


Hialeah is a beautiful beach city. However, not all part of Hialeah is beautiful. Illegal immigration has contributed to urban sprawl and poor living conditions in some parts of the city. As a result, the city faces congestion, poor housing, and comparatively low sanitation standards. However, the people seem friendly and interactive. Significantly, the city has many administrative, educational, and social amenities.(Windshield Survey of Hialeah Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example) The city’s administration plays a crucial role in elevating its standards. The private and public health service providers remain essential to providing relevant population health services to the community dwellers. The other downside of Hialeah is the low living standards due to low income per household compared to other cities in the USA. However, convenience stores, eateries, and joints allow residents to pull through the rising living standards. Based on this survey, I would recommend that the local and federal governments adopt a decongestion program to elevate the status of downtown housing, including affordable housing programs for low-income families. Besides, there is a need to support and increase social services in low-income neighborhoods to support hygiene and manage possible public health issues. (Windshield Survey of Hialeah Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

There are high-income disparities as depicted by contrasting living conditions across the city. However, the city is seen as a vibrant community, an industrial city that has potential for economic growth ( 2022b)(Windshield Survey of Hialeah Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example). Hialeah is one of the most prominent locations with potential economic development and employment opportunities in Miami-Dade County. The small and mid-sized stores in Hialeah compete favorably with the national brands. The city is led by a mayor responsible for implementing policies and ordinances and overseeing the city’s daily operations. The governing council is the legislative authority and policy-making body ( 2022b.) (Windshield Survey of Hialeah Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

Windshield Survey of Hialeah Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example
Windshield Survey of Hialeah Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example


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