Case Study: Improving Performance for Health Plan Customer Service

The case study discusses the successful employment of quality improvement methods by a health plan to enhance customer services for its members(Role of Project Manager in Healthcare Nursing Essay Example). The Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS) survey provided customer experience ratings, indicating the full-service health plan needed to improve its customer service capabilities. The health plan adopted a six-step approach to quality improvement based on the Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) cycle. The six steps taken to improve customer service capabilities include:(Role of Project Manager in Healthcare Nursing Essay Example)
1) Using CAHPS to identify problems and confirm CAHPS findings with other plan data
2) Selecting performance measures and developing new ones if needed
3) Setting goals for improvement and writing an action plan
4) Implementing the action plan
5) Assessing progress and refining the intervention
6) Monitoring improvements to make sure the hold(Role of Project Manager in Healthcare Nursing Essay Example)
The project goal was to implement a successful quality improvement intervention to improve customer service capabilities.

(Role of Project Manager in Healthcare Nursing Essay Example)
Role of the Project Manager

The project manager is responsible for planning, organizing, and directing the completion of the quality improvement project to ensure it achieves the desired objectives. The role of the project manager in addressing:(Role of Project Manager in Healthcare Nursing Essay Example)


The project managers work with the project team in the planning phase to develop a technical design, task list, resource plan, communication plan, budget, initial scheduling, and designing roles and responsibilities of team members and the stakeholders (McCaskell et al., 2019). They are engaged in detailed mapping and organizing of the project goals, schedules, tasks, and resources before the team begins to execute the plan. Proper project planning contributes to the successful completion of the project.(Role of Project Manager in Healthcare Nursing Essay Example)


The project manager creates clear, straightforward plans that encourage and guide the teams to reach their full potential. The manager minimizes bureaucracy, steering the team towards the final goal. They organize and motivate the project team. They organize the team to enhance efficiency and cooperation and reduce task conflicts or misunderstandings.(Role of Project Manager in Healthcare Nursing Essay Example)


The project manager defines and allocates a clear and adequate budget that helps to exploit available opportunities and attain the project goals. They determine the total funds required for the project. They work closely with the project development team and other stakeholders to project costs.(Role of Project Manager in Healthcare Nursing Essay Example)

Monitoring Progress

The project manager monitors progress and resource use and initiates corrective actions if necessary. The manager applies change control and configuration management processes in monitoring progress and identifying areas that need improvement. They monitor the project budget, scope, schedule, resources, and task completion to ensure everything is according to plan (Laukka, Huhtakangas, Heponiemi, & Kanste, 2020).(Role of Project Manager in Healthcare Nursing Essay Example)

Managing Reports and Documentation

The project manager has to offer appropriate documentation in every project development phase. Reporting and documentation help maintain a record of what has been done and who was involved in what. Proper documentation outlines whether the project satisfies every requirement. Managing reports and documentation allows the project team to generate reports, data dashboards, and visualizations quickly when needed.(Role of Project Manager in Healthcare Nursing Essay Example)

Health Care Quality and Safety initiatives

The healthcare project manager is responsible for initiating and overseeing projects in the healthcare organization whose purpose is to improve operations and patient safety (Rongala, 2021). The manager controls and coordinates team members working on health care quality and safety initiatives. The project manager ensures that the organization develops and maintains a safe working environment for healthcare professionals and patients.(Role of Project Manager in Healthcare Nursing Essay Example)

(Role of Project Manager in Healthcare Nursing Essay Example)


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Role of Project Manager in Healthcare Nursing Essay Example

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