Fishbone Analysis Diagram Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example

Fishbone Analysis Diagram Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example

Part 1: Identify a problem in your practice environment. Use the Fishbone Analysis Diagram to conduct a root cause analysis.


Fishbone Analysis Diagram Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example

Part 2: In 300-500 words, address the following:

  1. What is the benefit of a root cause analysis in health care quality and safety? How does it mitigate risk?

A root cause analysis (RCA) is a problem-solving method that identifies the root causes of problems in a project. It provides the outcomes that act as a basis for developing corrective strategies to mitigate the further recurrence of a similar issue. An effective RCA aims to identify the root cause, understand and recommend a permanent fix, and support continuous quality improvement (Lennon et al., 2017). Benefits of the RCA include helping in describing a problem and identifying and determining its primary causes. Reaching the core of a problem allows the RCA to establish an efficient, systematic problem-solving approach. Project managers can look deep into a problem and create permanent solutions through the RCA.(Fishbone Analysis Diagram Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

  1. Identify quality indicators for the selected problem and discuss their associated measurement strategies.

Quality indicators of poor communication in a project include the percentage of messages received and feedback provided, the relevance, consistency, and credibility of messages, how well team members feel supported, whether team members exactly understand what they are supposed to perform and whether outcomes match what was intended. These aspects can be measured prior to communication. The project manager can measure existing knowledge and team members’ attitudes and behaviors, the information, how easy it is to recognize, current communication channels, and other factors influencing attitudes and behaviors. These measures can help determine how well employees feel supported. The percentage of messages received indicates the effectiveness of communication tools and methods received. It can be measured by determining messages sent from an individual like the project manager or team leader and what those members receive. The manager should measure the timing of messages, message cut-through, channel effectiveness, and audience satisfaction with the message.  (Fishbone Analysis Diagram Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

Fishbone Analysis Diagram Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example

  1. Describe the purpose of progress tracking in project management.

Project progress tracking refers to monitoring a project’s progress against the initial project plan. Progress tracking aims to develop corrective actions as soon as deviations are identified. Identifying occurrences that can lead to deviation and addressing them as soon as possible helps the team stay on track and focus on what is essential. Progress tracking allows team members to identify potential obstacles and strategies for how to address them (Crawford, 2021). It helps achieve more realistic goals and stay positive throughout the project. Managers can determine whether team members are executing tasks as expected and whether resource utilization is planned.   (Fishbone Analysis Diagram Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

  1. Describe how to identify project adjustments and when best to implement them.

Project adjustments can be identified during project monitoring. The project manager should analyze the time and resources used and those remaining and determines whether adjustments are required for the remainder of the project. Project adjustments also include leads and lags (Miranda & Sugarindra, 2019). Overlap between two activities is called a lead, and the delay period before starting the next activity is called the lag. Most projects include interdependent tasks that rely on completing one for another to begin. Project managers should monitor the progress of tasks, recognize the existence of leads and lag, and determine whether adjustments are necessary to ensure the activities are completed as planned and produce the expected outcomes. Adjustments are best implemented when they are identified. For instance, time and cost adjustments should be implemented as soon as they are identified to prevent time and cost creep.(Fishbone Analysis Diagram Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)


Crawford, J. K. (2021). Project management maturity model. Auerbach Publications.(Fishbone Analysis Diagram Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

Lennon, P., Atuhaire, B., Yavari, S., Sampath, V., Mvundura, M., Ramanathan, N., & Robertson, J. (2017). Root cause analysis underscores the importance of understanding, addressing, and communicating cold chain equipment failures to improve equipment performance. Vaccine35(17), 2198-2202.(Fishbone Analysis Diagram Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

Miranda, S., & Sugarindra, M. (2019, May). Utilizing project management software in project scheduling: a case study. IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering (Vol. 528, No. 1, p. 012037). IOP Publishing.(Fishbone Analysis Diagram Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

Fishbone Analysis Diagram Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example

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