Building Leadership Capacity Discussion Comprehensive Nursing Paper Example

Building Leadership Capacity Discussion Comprehensive Nursing Paper Example

As a DNP-prepared nurse, I should develop strong leadership competencies and identify potential weaknesses or areas of development. Personal mastery and communication were the two most instrumental leadership competencies after self-reflection. Effective and clear oral/written communication is instrumental in nursing practice (Kim & Sim, 2020). Through my experience, I can comfortably make oral presentations concerning nursing, organizational issues, and healthcare to a diverse audience. I can produce persuasive and cogent written materials to pass my message to the relevant audience. Effective communication also allowed me to exchange knowledge with my peers, thus improving my knowledge of vital patient care issues. My second leadership competency was personal mastery, that allowed me to understand myself. Personal mastery fosters leadership success by promoting self-confidence and the ability to trust and empower my followers (Best, 2020). The competency allowed me to identify how my communication and actions influence others while allowing me to become sensitive to observing the environmental clues that signify problems in the workplace. Subsequently, time management and confidence were the identified areas of improvement. Nurses have immense daily responsibilities regardless of their working environments. I encountered challenges balancing the time spent attending to my patients. I could spend more time on specific patients, forcing me to spend extra working hours to attend to all my patients. While I practiced improving my efficiency in managing my time, I learned that using modern technologies such as electronic health records is vital to improving efficiency and time management, which is necessary for effective leadership. Confidence was my second area for improvement. Confidence is challenging for most nurses, especially new graduates. Initially, I had little confidence but gradually improved from discussing my care issues with my colleagues. I also used evidence-based practice to ensure my decisions were accurate.(Building Leadership Capacity Discussion Comprehensive Nursing Paper Example)

(Building Leadership Capacity Discussion Comprehensive Nursing Paper Example)

Nurses should identify the difference between leadership strengths and management skills or behavior to obtain success. Leadership strengths entail nurses’ attributes, allowing them to fulfill their responsibilities effectively (Strudwick et al., 2019). The strengths portray how nurses thrive and will be adequate for a healthcare organization. Some of the critical nursing strengths that I possess entail empathy. This strength promotes my interaction with patients and their families by helping them deal with difficult situations. On the contrary, management skills or behaviors entail a set of competencies necessary for nurses or healthcare managers to effectively or efficiently manage health resources to attain the set goals. Management skills entail technical, human relations, and conceptual skills. For instance, human relations skills for nursing leaders also entail motivation, influencing, and advocating for their employees.(Building Leadership Capacity Discussion Comprehensive Nursing Paper Example)

Nursing leaders should demonstrate high emotional intelligence skills. Emotional intelligence allows nurses to comprehend, utilize, and manage emotions to foster effective communication, conflict resolution, empathy for others, and stress reduction (Majeed & Jamshed, 2021). I will integrate emotional intelligence by supporting my followers to cope and manage high stress levels, exhaustion, and moral injury risks. I will influence my followers by recognizing their emotions and understanding their reasons. By so doing, I will foster positive workplace relationships among my followers. Positive relationships will allow my followers to manage emotions, handle conflicts effectively, and cultivate a supportive workplace environment. Emotional intelligence will also improve teamwork, leading to efficiency and performance toward organizational success.(Building Leadership Capacity Discussion Comprehensive Nursing Paper Example)

(Building Leadership Capacity Discussion Comprehensive Nursing Paper Example)


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Building Leadership Capacity Discussion Comprehensive Nursing Paper Example




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