Comprehensive Solved Sociology Test Nursing Paper Sample

Comprehensive Solved Sociology Test Nursing Paper Sample

Short answers

What conditions in society occurred that made sociology a field of study?

The industrial revolution occurring in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries brought changes that necessitated the development of sociology to understand them. The development of modern science around the 16th century and the emergence of democratic government in America and European countries like France and Germany contributed to sociology development.(Comprehensive Solved Sociology Test Nursing Paper Sample)

Comprehensive Solved Sociology Test Nursing Paper Sample

Who is the father of sociology, / what are his stages of historical development?

Auguste Comte was the first person to use the term sociology and founded sociology along with positivism. Sociology can be traced back to philosophers like Plato, Aristotle, and Confucius. Sociology emerged in the 19th century as a reaction to modernity challenges.(Comprehensive Solved Sociology Test Nursing Paper Sample)

What is positivism, and why is positivism important?

Positivism is the scientific study of the social world. Its purpose is to establish abstract and universal laws and guidelines that influence the social universe. Positivism allows people to turn to hard facts and data from history and experiments to gain knowledge rather than unproven evidence.(Comprehensive Solved Sociology Test Nursing Paper Sample)

A bit longer answer

Explain these theories thoroughly (as if you’re explaining it to someone who has no idea)

Structural functional

Structural functional theory explains why the society operates the way it does, focusing on the institutions, relationships, roles, and norms, including education, religion, law, and government, that form a society and serve a purpose. These elements are indispensable and vital to the existence and continuity of the whole society. (Comprehensive Solved Sociology Test Nursing Paper Sample)

Marxist / conflict

According to Marxist theory, all society’s structure elements are reliant on its economic structure. Marx concluded that change in society arises from conflict. He observed a conflict between owners of the means of production, the bourgeoisie, and the laborers, referred to as the proletariat. The struggles between these parties define a capitalist economy’s economic relations, leading to revolutionary communism.(Comprehensive Solved Sociology Test Nursing Paper Sample)

Feminism/ gender conflict

Feminism gender conflict theory is based on the idea of the need for women’s visibility in conflicts and has contributed to the extensive understanding of security issues. The theory demonstrates the interconnectedness of various types of violence, including domestic, societal, state, and inter-state conflicts and their gendered dimension. The theory applies the conflict approach to evaluate the reinforcement of gender roles and inequalities.(Comprehensive Solved Sociology Test Nursing Paper Sample)

Race/ Conflict

Race conflict theory emphasizes the inequality and conflict between individuals of different races and ethnic categories. It focuses on the disparity and tensions between these people and how they contribute to a dysfunctional and harmful society that benefits the rich, the privileged, and the powerful.(Comprehensive Solved Sociology Test Nursing Paper Sample)

Symbolic interactionism

Symbolic interactionism theory addresses how society is formed and maintained through in-person, repeated, and meaningful interactions. Its primary notion is that human actions and interactions can be understood only via exchanging meaningful communication and symbols. For instance, the interaction of people using words gives meaning to the words, which are just a series of letters. (Comprehensive Solved Sociology Test Nursing Paper Sample)

Comprehensive Solved Sociology Test Nursing Paper Sample

Short answers

Symbolic interactionism is made up of different theorists’ ideas. Consider these examples to pair with the theorist. Consider an LGBTQ youth in society:

The LGBTQ youth ‘performs” the appearance of a straight person. Inside they are not. They do this to survive an unfriendly environment/society. They ‘manage” their actions and reactions to avoid stigma, mistreatment, and harm to themselves: Intersectional theory (Kimberlé Crenshaw)

They learn how to behave and develop their “self” based on interacting with others around them: Psychoanalytic theory (Sigmund Freud)

S/he learns how to behave based on the results they need. Or what they think will happen: Queer Theory (Teresa de Lauretis)

S/he wishes that people would understand how things are for them, and not a “cis” straight person. As things are very different: Conflict theory (Friedrich Engels)

A bit longer answers

Explain to me how your paper/project will reflect positivist sociology methodology:

My project will collect factual knowledge through quantitative methods like observation, social surveys, structured questionnaires, and official statistics. Positivist sociology methodology prefers these methods because they have good reliability and representativeness. My project will reflect positivism by gaining knowledge that demonstrates how society shapes an individual and providing social facts that confirm the claim. My project will also be limited to data collection and interpretation objectively. (Comprehensive Solved Sociology Test Nursing Paper Sample)

Short answers

Critical sociology research’s purpose is …?

The purpose of critical sociology research is to utilize critical thought to reveal faulty sociological claims. The research aims to identify any theories or conclusions about a society or culture that are untrue or faulty. The researchers carefully evaluate and question these claims and findings.(Comprehensive Solved Sociology Test Nursing Paper Sample)

Interpretive research means doing what?

Interpretive research focuses on how people can get knowledge of the world by interpreting and understanding the meanings that people associate with their actions. It emphasizes the analytical process of disclosing the meaning-making practices and how they configure to produce observable outcomes.(Comprehensive Solved Sociology Test Nursing Paper Sample)

Incels- explain this subculture using how an Incel Marxist would see Marxist theory. (Marxism/ conflict theory has several parts)

The Marxist theory provides that society will always conflict due to the unending competition for finite resources. The theory implies a constant struggle between different groups, and social order is maintained via domination and power. Incel subculture comprises individuals that define themselves as unable to engage in romantic or sexual relationships despite their desires. They are characterized by hatred and resentment, racism, misogyny, self-loathing, and self-entitlement. An Incel Marxist would see Marxist theory are explaining the constant violence of Incels towards women and sexually active people. The conflict exists due to varying views about sex and engagement in romantic and sexual relationships. (Comprehensive Solved Sociology Test Nursing Paper Sample)

Use Merton to describe how cutting SNAP benefits might have an impact.

SNAP benefits help low-income individuals and families rise from poverty and food insecurities. They promote the long-term health and well-being of these individuals and families, especially children. Merton’s theory contends that many people aim to achieve culturally recognized financial stability and food security goals. Cutting SNAP benefits would see many Americans languish in poverty and food insecurity. Based on Merton’s pedagogy, when access to SNAP benefits is blocked, it might lead to deviant behaviors like rebellion, protests, or retreat.(Comprehensive Solved Sociology Test Nursing Paper Sample)

What is a feminist?

A feminist advocates for women’s rights based on the idea of equality of sexes. Feminists fight for women to be equal to men socially, culturally, and economically.(Comprehensive Solved Sociology Test Nursing Paper Sample)

Harriet Martineau stated that the constitution only applies to 50% of the population. Explain.

Harriet Martineau lived in an era where there were few opportunities for women, and the society’s leadership and rule determination was predominantly by men. She advocated for women’s rights and lamented the state of women’s education. Her contention that the constitution applies to 50% of the population implies that it does not benefit women, who are about half the population, because no women were engaged in constitution development then. (Comprehensive Solved Sociology Test Nursing Paper Sample)

Essay questions

Billy Porter wears a tuxedo dress on the red carpet. Some may consider it outrageous, abnormal, or wrong. Explain why it makes perfect sense relative to his subculture, per class discussion.

Billy Porter wearing the tuxedo dress on the red carpet defied fashion norms. He wore a sharply tailored tuxedo jacket over top of a full-skirted strapless velvet gown. Billy Porter’s dressing challenged the never-changing Hollywood dress code, and it pushed boundaries. This look was a play on masculinity and femininity and implied that the fashion choice was utterly personal. Billy Porter’s queer identity and fashion choice is a powerful element for self-expression and representation. As a member of the LGBTQ sub-culture, Porter needs to learn how to express himself in public and be loved by other people. The dressing represents confidence in his identity as a gay man and is instrumental to similar individuals struggling with self-expression. Porter is passionate about fashion and stylish dressing, but society has norms about how men and women should dress. A specific dress code for each gender is considered normal, and people are expected to adhere to it for conformity. Growing up, there was a limit to the ways Porter could express himself, especially being black and gay. His dressing would lead to him being questioned about his masculinity, and he had to deal with numerous incidences of homophobia ascribed to his clothing choices. This subculture goes against many social norms, and members try to fit into what people say they should look like. His tuxedo dress implies that he wanted to play between masculine and feminine. It was an empowering experience that freed that part of himself that the wider society did not approve of. He had something to say through his dressing, and he can use his clothing choices to challenge expectations. (Comprehensive Solved Sociology Test Nursing Paper Sample)

Explain, according to Jordan Peele, how we have our “privilege.” Paraphrase from the article. Also, who does he echo?

The article demonstrates polar opposite worlds that do not represent the good versus evil, but the difference between class systems in the United States and the associated privileges. It represents the upper-middle/ and the high-class people and middle-class families trying to fit in and keep up with the upper economic class. The article discusses the glamorous lives of people and families in the upper-middle and high-class. It shows both families traveling on vacation, owning summer homes, and living the ideal family and home lives. The middle-class families and individuals would try to keep up with the upper and high classes, primarily white people, by buying boats and cars, but their lives remain less glamorous. The middle-class families represent the tethered people, and upper-middle and high-class individuals and families represent the regular people. Although the tethered people try to do the exact thing as the regular people, they do not feel a similar sense of gratification or joy from these activities. The regular people seem to have an attentive audience, where the privilege comes in, and the tethered people seem to live under wretched conditions, characterized by separation and an unbothered audience. Jordan Peele discusses “privilege” relating to the American class structure that has become a horror of the society.(Comprehensive Solved Sociology Test Nursing Paper Sample)

Comprehensive Solved Sociology Test Nursing Paper Sample

What are norms? What are the norms involved in going to see a movie? What did we discuss in class that showed when it would be ok to break these norms and act differently?

Norms represent rules or standards of behavior shared among people of the same social group. They are internalized and incorporated within the person to promote conformity without rewards or punishments. Norms are reinforced using positive and negative sanctions. For instance, forming a line on the store counters is part of the western culture, and any deviance would make other people angry and lament the unacceptable behavior. While going to see a movie, people are expected to not bring a baby in the theater, not to text during the show, mainly when the phone’s screen brightness is full, and not to talk on the phone. People should also not speak loudly as the show progresses and no PDA. Individuals are also expected to clean up their trash, not distract people with their candy wrappers, maintain bathroom trips to the minimum, not be too comfortable, and be considerate. These norms and unspoken rules are critical because everyone wants to enjoy the movie and ensure they do not miss any details. Therefore, the last thing they would endure is any form of distraction from other people. The movie theater is not a comfort zone, and people do not buy tickets to listen to noisy people. Movies are also not interactive, and it is valuable and resourceful when people make a habit of following these norms. It is okay these norms and act differently, but with a purpose. You cannot break them just because you do not like them. However, you can act differently when you feel limited like you have an issue with regular urination and you have to visit the bathroom frequently. You can also act differently when the rules are not strict, and you are given the go-ahead, when other people are also breaking the rules, or when you ask for permission. (Comprehensive Solved Sociology Test Nursing Paper Sample)

Extra credit

How did the TV series “Star Trek” impact others/society? Give examples and explain.

The “Star Trek” heightened public interest in America’s Space program and education regarding space exploration topics. The series aimed to depict a future free from the evils of sexism and racism, but intelligent beings on numerous planets living together in peace and mutual benefit. It represented a multi-ethnic crew comprising an African-American woman, a Scotsman, a Japanese American, and an alien, Mr. Spock. During its airing, black people’s oppression was high in the society, but the series depicted Blacks and women as scientists and doctors of the ship. It reflected a society of equal opportunities for every person irrespective of race, ethnicity, nationality, or human nature. The series grew to have a significant impact on popular culture. It inspired one of the most iconic technologies Warp Drive that function by generating warp fields that help with space navigation. Generally, the series utilized futuristic stories and analogies to portray the current problems on earth, including moral and social issues. It demonstrates how equality would help tackle slavery, warfare, and discrimination.(Comprehensive Solved Sociology Test Nursing Paper Sample)



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